Are beauty marks genetic – Celebrities’ perfect, juicy, radiant skin is not always the result of good genetic?. Usually, the magic wand capable of rejuvenating the face and keeping it always ready, proof of any photograph, is waved by a beauty expert who cares for the skin. They are the facialists, care gurus trusted by the faces most exposed to public scrutiny. The experience of the most requested experts to help achieve the desired flawless skin has led them to create their cosmetic brands.

Carmen Navarro

Almost five decades dedicated to the profession make it an accurate benchmark. Her philosophy focuses on the pursuit of excellence in the care she offers her clients. And in her cosmetic line, it could not be different. That is why she went one step further by creating her line based on molecular biological medicine. “30 years ago, I created my brand, but it didn’t come together then.

I hadn’t found the final result I was looking for, but I kept investigating, and it wasn’t until 2012 that I found the key. An ingredient that until then had been largely unknown in cosmetics came into my hands: the truffle. It was something new and a magnificent anti-ageing with results that immediately made me fall in love. I knew that I had hit the perfect key”, ” says this expert, who has taken care of the skin of personalities like the Queen Letizia, Baroness Thyssen, Alaska or Tamara Falcó.

Today, his cosmetic line has 13 products, and although it is difficult for him to choose one, he highlights three that have become benchmarks: a white truffle cream and serum, which he defines as “a luxury anti-ageing duo”, and the ampoules of soya , “one of our top sellers that replicates the effects of a natural facelift, achieving firm, elastic and hydrated skin, acting as a powerful anti-wrinkle. They are addictive”, he assures.

Diana Montoya

The privileged hands of this Colombian woman are famous in Madrid. He has seen many skins and knows that each one is different, but there are everyday needs. That is why she has devised a cosmetic line with her name. One of her totems is Face Active Serum, which promotes cell regeneration and is indicated “to provide nutrients to enhance cell regeneration, hydration, firmness and make the skin stronger, brighter and in good condition”.

Happiness Career

Nieves Álvarez and Eugenia Silva are some of the celebrities who have placed themselves in the hands of this facialist, who is recognized as obsessed with skin firmness and a firm defender of “collagen supplements to enhance the effect of the firming treatments that we carry out in our centre “. So after years of research and experimentation, he has presented his own: FC Collagen. “My training in pharmacy, biochemistry and nutrition has allowed me to design the formula for a product that helps improve skin firmness and prevent sagging face and body skin, improves hydration, has an antioxidant effect and, therefore, anti-wrinkles, increases skin density and helps combat both chronological ageing and photoaging”. It does not contain sugar, and to notice its effects,, you have to take one sachet a day on an empty stomach dissolved in half a glass of water, milk, or natural yoghurt.


Estética Lostao is a temple of beauty located in Zaragoza, with recognized experience and trajectory. The same opened its doors in 1968, and since then and until now, it has maintained its philosophy of excellence unalterable. However, its promoter and creator areare Isabel Lostao and Ana Puelles Lostao, the centre’s current directocentre. Moreover, its cosmetic line was born in 2016 and comprised three products. The Active Tonic “is a way to bring our philosophy to the client’s home without interfering with any product in her routine,” they say about their first and best-selling cosmetic. And it is that its famous cleansing tonic prepares the skin for more excellent absorption of the assets and balances the fat.

Maribel Yebenes

In 1984, Maribel Yébenes opened the first salon in Madrid’s Paseo de la Castellana. A business with four decades of history, whose philosophy reflected in its care line De Ella MY Yébenes. “For us, firm skin is beautiful skin, and that is why all our cosmetics deal, among other things, with skin firmness”, says Myriam Yébenes, Maribel’s daughter. “Currently our signature cosmetics are made up of eight lines that seek to cover all needs and have 28 products. Innovation is part of our DNA, and after years of study, we decided to launch our Dynamic Cure line, based on four firmness indices to treat firming and skin aging.”, explains this beauty expert who stands out as a star product and best seller the Lifting Elixir Duo Zero, made up of two serums to improve firmness, reduce wrinkles, blur imperfections, soften spots and hydrate.


After 25 years in Spain, his aesthetic centre and line of luxury cosmetics that bear his name have become essential treatments and a benchmark among celebrities. The list of followers who have made a pilgrimage to this beautiful cabinet is as extensive as it is impressive: Penélope Cruz, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal, Sean Connery, Carlos Slim, Richard Gère, Noor de Jordan, Isabel Preysler, Marta Ortega or the Koplowitz sisters make up the list of clients have not been able to resist his care.

To make her cosmetics, Massi and Nasrin Massumeh combine the wisdom and knowledge about plants from Ancient Persia and the Silk Road with the most advanced scientific and dermatological discoveries. Her cosmetics containmillennial formulas perfected and elaborated with high technology and a concentration of caviar extracts, peptide coated with diamond dust, sapphire, pearl, silk, Royal Jelly, hyaluronic acid or resveratrol. The firm currently has 12 products on the market and another four out of stock.