Are automobiles technology – The automotive world is constantly evolving thanks to technology. In this article we bring you 5 novelties that will revolutionize the automotive sector and that will captivate users. In Spain, these new proposals oriented towards achieving greater safety, ecology and sustainability.

voice activated assistants

Users are increasingly demanding, which makes technology more and more adjusted to their demands. Another of the innovations in this sector the voice activation of the systems integrated in the vehicles.

Dr. Fathi El-Dwaik, Vice President Human-Machine Interaction at BMW, says that cars are becoming more intelligent and therefore communication with users needs to be as natural and easy as possible.

In this sense, Amazon has launched Echo Auto, an equivalent to Alexa for cars , which consists of a device that includes a support to placed on the vents and allows voice control of car systems. However, it is not compatible with all types of vehicles.

Natural interaction with the environment

Artificial intelligence is changing the way drivers engage with their cars and their surroundings. Among the technologies that will revolutionize cars, the BMW Natural Interaction system occupies an interesting place .

It was presented the Mobile World Congress 2019 and expected to included in cars by 2021. It is a system that combines gesture recognition and eye direction using augmented reality.

This system will allow natural human-vehicle interaction , for example, obtaining information about a building just by pointing at it. These industry firsts point to intelligent interaction that makes the car an extension of the user.

Sensors that detect what you can’t see

Safety is a key element driving the technologies that will revolutionize cars. One of the most common reasons of road chances is the presence of objects that are not visible to drivers. When a driver can’t see an obstacle in time, he makes impulsive, last-minute decisions to avoid it, and not always with favorable results.

LIDAR (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) is a laser measurement and object detection system that determines the distance of objects and other vehicles from your own car by measuring the time between the emission of a laser pulse and its reflected signal.

Cars built by electronics companies

After the smartphone revolution, a trend of electronic companies towards the automotive sector can seen . The first steps were taken by Steve Jobs creating the , which until now not produced.

The first autonomous car known  was created by the Google self-driving car project. Its technology allows you to drive autonomously in the city and on the highway, detecting other vehicles, traffic signs, pedestrians, etc.

One of the novelties presented the CES International Show in Las Vegas last January was the Sony Vision-S, a four-seater electric car that equipped with the latest in connectivity technology , with 360º audio and 33 sensors to make the autonomous driving. Yoshida, president of Sony Corporation, indicates that it will be the megatrend of the next decade.

A sector in constant evolution

Companies in the automotive sector surprise us year after year. Its innovations oriented towards the improvement of technology, safety and ecology , through multiple resources. The new trend of electronics companies getting into car design is becoming a big trend.

The industry offers technologies so far ahead of our times that many of them are still in a trial period . It will be interesting to closely follow the evolution of these systems that will revolutionize cars in the future.

What are connected cars

For some years now, most of us use the car GPS navigator to reach some destination when we don’t know the address; however, the concept of the connected car goes much further.

Although it seems like something out of science fiction, they already traveling our streets and highways: connected cars vehicles that equipped with Internet access, and can connect via a wireless local area network or satellite to devices that inside or outside the car.

Beyond smartphones or car multimedia systems such as CarPlay and Android Auto, it is also possible to connect with other vehicles and advanced operating systems.

The role of technology

In the development of equipment that forever changes the way of driving, the leading role of technology is indisputable. addition to the C-2VX, biometrics also incorporated, which improves security by reading fingerprints and facial recognition, among other measurements. Similarly, radar, cameras, and sensors  currently invaluable tools, and importance projected to increase progressively.

Of course, C-V2X technology depends on 5G capabilities being deployed on the 5G network; we are referring specifically to Telefónica’s Multi-access Edge Computing, which will guarantee that connected cars can communicate instantly with the devices, with other vehicles and with the environment; We only talking about a few milliseconds that guarantee a timely response.

8 connected car technologies

Undoubtedly, the technological evolution of the early history  the automobile was oriented towards the design of more efficient, safe and comfortable cars, followed by the automation of manual processes. the 1990s, the first digital innovations were incorporated, which today take the form of connected cars, capable of interacting with the environment and with everything around them.

Let’s see now what are some of those technologies that have arrived to inaugurate a new way of driving.