Automotive technology vs automotive engineering – he Automotive Engineering career is one of the best professional alternatives for those who are passionate about innovation, productivity and development.

And it is that the training of this degree allows one to develop, manufacture, design and test an asset as necessary as vehicles, which are constantly evolving and modernizing.

The income profile

Entering this career demands characteristics, skills, and abilities associated with engineering in general and the automotive field. Some of these are:

Interest in automobiles

Logically, this degree is only suitable for you if you are passionate about and interested in vehicles since it focuses primarily on these from the point of view of production systems.

Having an interest in cars is not just dreaming of having the best on the market but being curious about their history, the emergence of different brands and the potential of each one based on its characteristics.

In general, you must one of those young people who always interested in car models and all the news in the industry.

Although you do not need to be an expert, you should understand engines and their systems, such as injection and suspension.

Ease of drawing

In recent years, new technologies have industrialized to design vehicles, and processes have migrated to the digital realm.

However, drawing has not replaced as a method for conceptualizing and sketching new cars. It done through different devices (robots or automated systems).

facility for physical mathematics

This type of mathematics relates the calculations to measuring spaces, resistance and other physical aspects, in this case, oriented to the car production processes.

Although it seems like purely theoretical knowledge, physical mathematics makes it possible to assess the feasibility of design projects and production systems in general.

penchant for technology

One of the industries that have been most impacted by technology is the automotive industry. Massive data analysis and robotics, among other things, make it possible to produce a greater volume of cars in less time, reducing costs, stoppages and errors.

In the future, as in many other industries, it is expected that the use of technologies will increase and, also, that their impact and results will more tangible.

Capacity for teamwork

In the automotive industry, professionals from different areas participate and combine their knowledge and integrate efforts to obtain positive results.

For this reason, it is significant that you value teamwork and can practice it to study this career and, later, exercise it.

In turn, teamwork requires communication skills, emotional intelligence and many other values ​​that promote a good work environment in which all its members feel comfortable and committed.


Although it focuses on a specific industry, the reality is that the educational program of this degree is as broad and deep as that of any other engineering.

Automotive Engineering subjects address mathematics, manufacturing, business intelligence, management, and psychology.

Materials Mechanics

This chair will allow you to understand the effects of weights, charges and forces on solid bodies. This field of knowledge is also known as the resistance of materials.

To make you understand something as important as this for production processes, this chair will explain the principles that allow you to analyze the mechanics of a material, such as:


In the Automotive Engineering educational plan, you will find several exciting and essential mathematics subjects, one of the most outstanding.

This branch of mathematics studies the combination of elements of abstract structures that follow specific rules. To do this, he uses numbers, letters and signs.

In turn, this subject will lead you to study the fundamental theorem of algebra, which in a few words, says that a polynomial has as many roots as its degree when it is a non-constant variable with complex coefficients.

Static and Dynamic

Just like mathematics, physics also plays a leading role in the training of an automotive engineer, and this subject is proof of this.

First, it will teach you about statics, a branch of physics that focuses on the analysis of charges and the balance of forces in physical systems in which relative positions do not vary with time.

Project Development and Administration

Through this subject, you will learn basic and essential management aspects that must be applied to manage specific projects with predefined goals and objectives.

These factors are related to the capacity for coordination, delegation of functions and analysis of results and performance in general.

You will also know elements of the environments that must be considered when designing and conceptualizing a project to realistic and successful.

Human and Citizen Training

An excellent academic plan for the Automotive Engineering degree is responsible for promoting values ​​and ethics, essential in today’s business world.