Bitcoin price prediction in 2022: it will cost you to finish the year above 20,000 euros – The forecasts for the price of bitcoin at the end of 2022, which were made at the start of the year like the current ones, have nothing to do with it. From exceeding 300,000 euros to exceeding 20,000 euros with difficulty.

  • Inflation, the policies of the Fed and the ECB or the update of the Ethereum network will be aspects that mark the near future of cryptocurrencies.
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Given the extreme political and economic upheaval (surprising in many cases) that is ravaging the world, and that cryptocurrencies increasingly seem to behave like other (more commHe also believed that bitcoin would hit $100,000 Tom Lee, co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors. He supported it in this Bloomberg article in which he even dared to go further: if things go very well, bitcoin could reach 168,243 euros ($168,000).

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Even more optimistic was Carl Runefelt, whose estimate brought the price of bitcoin to 300,435 euros (300,000 dollars) by the end of 2022.

Although not all forecasts were optimistic. Among the bears was institutional investor hall of famer Richard Bernstein .

In a collaboration with CNBC , the also CEO and CIO of Richard Bernstein Advisors, stated that cryptocurrencies were ?the biggest financial bubble in history? . In fact, he warned that bitcoin could drop as much as 90% , just as it did, he remarked, with some tech stocks during the 2000 bubble.

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Bitcoin price prediction What will happen to the bitcoin price in the remainder of 2022?

But that in the past, and since those predictions were made, things have changed a lot. Much more than could  expected. Therefore, the predictions have nothing to do with it either. And it’s demonstrated by reviewing some of the main cryptocurrency price forecast pages .

  • on) assets, it can said (and it will verified in the following lines) that bitcoin price predictions in 2022have to redone. Almost no one got it right.
  • Business Insider Spaincompiled, as soon as the current year 2022 began, the bitcoin forecasts of some experts. The objective now is to compare these predictions with the guesses that the main predictive pages are currently offering. The dissimilarities are notorious.

Bitcoin price prediction “The price of bitcoin will reach $300,000”

  • It is funny to read now the forecasts intended for the price of bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) that the experts published at the end of 2021. But the indomitable cryptocurrency market continues to honor its main characteristic, volatility, and at a time of maximum uncertainty like the current one, to an even greater extent.

For example, Ben Armstrong, BitBoy Crypto, assured that bitcoin would reach 100,145 euros (100,000 dollars at current exchange rates) in the first quarter of 2022. In the last few days, it has already changed, and he has stated that the cryptocurrency will settle below of the 20,000 dollars . In The Economy Forecast Agency they maintain that, after rising to 26,044 euros, bitcoin will end 2022 at 15,806 euros .

Slightly more rosy are the forecasts for Petar Jovanovi? in Captainaltcoin . In his opinion, the main cryptocurrency by market capitalization will close December 2022 with a price of 18.7994.73 euros . Unlike the previous one, he estimates that it will rise from October 2022.

They state in Captaintcoin that “most experts agree that this cryptocurrency bear market will last at least the first quarter of 2022, before we see some stabilization and small trend changes. Captaintcoin’s prediction model takes into account market sentiment and react accordingly.

Going up in optimism you reach Business 2 Community , which poses 3 scenarios:

  • Pessimistic: 20,139 euros.
  • Standard: 43,299 euros.
  • Optimistic: 61,417 euros.

Among the aspects to take into account, when elucidating with the evolution of cryptocurrencies in 2022 , Emilio Pérez, wealth manager with more than 12 years of experience in private banking and specialist in analysis and selection of investment funds, ETFs and values ​​-which makes the prediction in Business 2 Community- estimates that the market will depend a lot on how inflation behaves .

“The price of bitcoin will reach $300,000”

The restrictive policies on the part of the FED, the ECB and their counterparts mean leading the different economies towards recession in order to alleviate prices, he maintains.

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Another very important aspect, he stresses, “will every detail that comes to us from the European MiCA Regulation , the one that intended to regulate crypto assets in the Union and that plans to  implemented in 2024. In the same sense, it is interesting to see how they fixed crypto loans , which have grown so much lately”.

Finally, Pérez also mentions the importance of some relevant events that will take place within the cryptocurrencies themselves, such as the ‘fusion’, The Merge , in the Ethereum network .

The most optimistic forecasts in the price of bitcoin do not exceed 23,000 euros

Apart from the most optimistic scenario on the previous predictive page, the 3 most optimistic predictions are equally worrying, because they always keep the bitcoin price below 23,000 euros.