Can the fitness of the vehicle be extended? – With the publication, in July 2013, of the law that modifies the LOTT (Land Transport Ordinance Law), some requirements were revised in obtaining authorizations that enable public transport to carried out.

More precisely, the changes were for the yellow public service transport card, in terms of the requirements to obtain it, making a distinction between light transport with MMA vehicles up to 3500 kg. and light transport with cars of more than 3500 kg. of maximum weight.

Vehicles exempt from a transport authorization

It is not necessary to obtain authorization to carry out the following forms of public transport, according to article 33 point 2 of the ROTT:

Transport carried out in vehicles whose maximum authorized speed does not exceed 40 kilometres per hour.

Types of authorizations MDL / MDP for the public transport of goods

Approval for the public transport of light goods MDL (old card for vehicles up to 3,500 kg of MMA) or charges for transporting goods exclusively in cars that do not exceed 3.5 tons of maximum authorized mass.however MDL light transport: carried out in vehicles with a maximum weight of up to 3,500 kg.
Adaptable mixed vehicles, vans, and trucks fall into this category.
All vehicles with a maximum weight of between 2,000 kg. and 3,500 kg. of MMA need a transport authorization MDL for light vehicles or transport authorization for cars up to 3.5 tons of MMA.

Standard notes regarding MDL and MDP transport authorizations that must be known:

With the ROTT modification, the transport card disappears, the one everyone knew and had in their vehicles or companies (the physical card).

In addition, the old authorization system, in which a company had a company card and copies of it for all the vehicles that the company had, changed to another method in which it is necessary to request the linking of a specific vehicle to a transport authorization by requesting its registration in the Register of Transport Companies and Activities.

Requirements for the first light transport authorization MDL

First authorization to transport vehicles with MMA of up to 3,500 kg. Including:
a) For the first MDL transport authorization, it will be necessary to have a single-owned vehicle, financial lease (leasing) or standard lease (rental).
Important: With the change of the ROTT, the provision of the first vehicle can be in the form of an ordinary rental, which did not exist to date.

Requirements for the first authorization to transport heavy MDP

First authorization for the transport of vehicles with MMA greater than 3500 kg.:

  1. For the first MDP transport authorization, it will be necessary to have a single-owned car, financial lease (leasing) or standard lease (rental).
    Important: With the change of the ROTT, the minimum fleet requirement disappears
  2. b)Age of the vehicle: up to 5 months from the first registration date.

Expansion or replacement of vehicles

For fleet extensions as well as for the replacement of vehicles attached to an authorization, one of the two conditions must met:
I) The fleet’s average age attached to the authorization after the incorporation of the new vehicle or the replacement of one of those assigned may not exceed the fleet that said the caravan had before the new assignment or replacement.

Fleet reduction – the cancellation of transport authorizations

Any freight authorization can waived (reduce the fleet) without penalty. There no permanence restrictions as before the ROTT change in obtaining a heavy MDP card through the window. There also no restrictions if the authorization transferred to another company, even if the fleet has previously reduced.

Transmission of authorizations for the public transport of goods

moreover, Charges for the public transport of goods may transmitted at any time if the buyer happens to have all the vehicles attached to the approval sent through any modality: ownership, leasing, or rental.


The renewal of the MDL and MDP transport authorizations carried out ex officio by the Administration, which will attend,moreever in principle, to the existing information in the public records; therefore, it will not necessary to obtain the visa only in the case that the Administration cannot get any data, it will require the interested party’s contribution, if it is not provided within 10 days, the authorization loses its validity.

How to check if a company has transport authorization?

All that needed to check if the company self-employed person has the MDL / MDP transport authorization or the community license is the CIF / NIF. Or, if this information not known, it can found with the vehicle’s license plate.
In the same way, with the DNI / NIE, you can check whether or not a person has the title of the carrier or the CAP.