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Ecommerce Write For Us – According to Statista, by 2023, e-commerce will account for more than $6.5 trillion in sales, which will be 22% of all global retail sales. And numerous reports estimate that in another 10 to 20 years, 95% of all purchases will be made through e-commerce.

After all, e-commerce is in the future. Businesses worldwide are capitalizing on this growing trend from overnight delivery to never-before-seen deals. As a business marvel, if you want to disrupt this crowded online shopping space, you must be on top of mind with your customers. And we all know there’s no better way to do that than through e-commerce surveys!

E-commerce Survey Questions – Pre-Purchase.

Not everyone who stumbles across your website makes an instant purchase. Instead, most of them browse the store and say goodbye. But by asking these eCommerce survey questions, you can learn more about them and manage their expectations. As a result, you can work to deliver what they want and improve conversion rates.

  1. What brings you to our website today?
  2. How did you hear about our brand/website?
  3. Have you ever shopped with us before?
  4. Who are you shopping for today?
  5. What is your first impression of our brand?
  6. Is it easy for you to navigate our website?
  7. How would you rate our overall experience with us so far?
  8. Did you find a product you liked?

E-commerce Survey Questions – Post-Purchase.

Using a site survey right after a customer purchases with you is a simple, direct, and non-intrusive way to learn what you need to improve the shopping experience and overcome potential bumps.

Using this feedback and further improving their experiences, you are building a loyal consumer base and attracting new ones through word-of-mouth advertising.

  1. What is the main reason for choosing not our competitors and us?
  2. On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with the availability of products on our website?
  3. Are any of your favorite products out of stock?
  4. Do you receive a notification when your favorite products are back in stock?
  5. What other products, sizes, and color options would you like to see in the future?
  6. Did we offer your preferred payment method? If not, please let us know your preference.
  7. Did you have a smooth shopping experience?

E-commerce Survey Questions: Product.

Trying to have a booming eCommerce business without a winning product is next to impossible. Not forgetting that with so many alternatives and a barrage of options available, you must go above and beyond to offer value to your customers.

To do this, you need to know precisely what your customers are looking for in a product, and what pain points they face, and then strive to surprise them every time.

E-commerce Survey Questions – Related to the review.

As Chris Anderson says, ” Your brand isn’t what you say it is; it’s what Google says it is .”

And we couldn’t agree more. Given that customers can’t get down to business and try the product for themselves before buying, overall reviews and ratings more or less seal the deal in the world of eCommerce. So much so that 72% of customers will take action only after reading a positive review.

Ecommerce Survey Questions – Customer Support.

Did you know that in a study by The Global Consumer, more than a third of global consumers bought products online at least once a week? Considering the breakneck speed at which online shopping is growing, the need for excellent customer support has become indisputable.

A customer service feedback survey would be a significant first step if you’ve taken the initiative to expand your eCommerce customer service.

  1. How quickly did our customer support staff contact you about your inquiry?
  2. Did the customer service representative fully resolve your issue?
  3. Was your wait time reasonable?
  4. Do you think the customer service representative is: (helpful, knowledgeable, polite and friendly, well trained)?
  5. What is your preferred line of communication to communicate with our customer service?

E-commerce Survey Questions: Shipping and Delivery.

Perfecting an online shopping experience is only half the battle when you’re in the eCommerce space. The shipping and delivery experience greatly impacts completing the loop and ensuring that your customers are genuinely happy.

  1. Did you receive the product on time?
  2. Did your product arrive at the correct address?
  3. Would you be interested in receiving products faster through a paid service?
  4. Was the cost of standard shipping reasonable?
  5. Did your package arrive undamaged and in good condition?

E-commerce Survey Questions: Branding.

If you need to create a unique eCommerce brand, then branding is non-negotiable. And no, branding isn’t limited to your logo or fancy color schemes; it is much more. It’s not what your customers see; it’s what they feel.

As eCommerce owners and managers, you need to know if your web presence, communications, and products are taking advantage of this unique and essential advantage. And what healthier way to find out than with surveys?

  1. What are your most significant weaknesses with the current market offers?
  2. Thinking of companies that provide X, what companies come to mind?
  3. How much would you pay for [XYZ]?
  4. What problems are you trying to solve?
  5. Where do you buy our products/services?

Ecommerce Survey Questions: Marketing.

Whether you are in the process of launching a new business or already have one, it is essential to have a solid online presence for your brand. Marketing is not only necessary for promoting your products but also for the overall success of your business. So if you’re looking for an increase in traffic and conversions, here are some eCommerce survey questions that will come in handy.

  1. Would you like to subscribe to our email newsletter to receive announcements and special discounts?
  2. Are you interested in signing up for a paid subscription membership to receive priority services?
  3. We noticed that you registered as a guest. Would you like to create an account to save your order history and preferences?
  4. Would you like more information about the benefits of our membership?
  5. Do you follow our brand on social networks?


In this age of cutthroat competition, the only way to survive in the eCommerce space is to stay ahead, identify lagging areas, and capture evolving trends early on. Of course, the faster you do this, the better.

So whether you’re already involved in running an eCommerce business or looking to get involved in your first venture, we hope these eCommerce survey questionnaires for your customers have been helpful.

What is an e-commerce platform?

An e-commerce platform includes all the aspects necessary for online businesses to carry out sales and marketing operations. A complete e-commerce platform covers multi-channel marketing, sales, customer service, website management, and business intelligence, among other e-commerce business processes.

What does eCommerce software do?

E-commerce software supports businesses’ daily tasks and processes to position and sell their goods and services online. The software handles customer data, sales transactions, website administration, marketing, communication, personalization, and other e-commerce-related work. This includes the ability to automate a wide range of manual jobs.

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