Emma argues with Principal Figgins – Why did Emma argue with Principal Figgins? And what is the reason and aim behind their arguments? Emma argued with Principal Figgins because they had different viewpoints on school policies. The reason for their argument is the involvement of students in the school’s decision-making processes; because of that, the school’s functioning is affected. Emma has a viewpoint that students should have a say in these matters.

While Principal Figgins highlights the importance of following regulations and maintaining smooth operations, the main motive behind their arguments was to find a resolution. That balanced student input and respect for the law. When a school guidance counselor, Emma Pillsbury, stands with Principal Figgins. The topics that arise are related to students’ future and power. Emma Pillsbury raised her voice with full evidence.

Based on the need for improvement in the education system. Emma challenged the existing rigid policies. Also, Emma offered new solutions and ideas to bring about positive change. Her focus was on the well-being and independence of the students. Principal Figgins initially supported the old leadership style and the existing education system.

However, in the end, they resolved the argument through recognition and effective communication. They took the initiative to reanalyze the policies and set new action plans and rules. They made new policies for the betterment of the education system.

In this article, we discuss why Emma argues with Principal Figgins, the reasoning of arguments, solutions, and handling strategies.

Understanding The Reason Of Emma Argues With Principal Figgins

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The intense debate started between Emma and the principal Figgins that seemed never to end.

What are the reasons for disagreements?

Emma strongly believed that art education is crucial for students. Emma believes it highlights their creativity. It helps us understand their minds more easily through art and craft. However, Principal Figgins disagreed; he thought that it was not necessary. And the expenses could be better invested elsewhere.
Emma made a valid point about the importance of sex education for students. Students should Understand gender and sexual education. Make it easier for students to navigate relationships and work together. However, Principal Figgins felt uncomfortable discussing such a sensitive topic openly in front of everyone.
Emma raised a valid argument about the distribution and allocation of school funds. She believed investing in students’ extracurricular activities such as sports, drama clubs, and debate teams is crucial.
Emma emphasized the importance of adopting disciplined approaches and using regenerative justice techniques to address conflicts between faculty and students. However, Principal Figgins still believes in following rigid techniques where wrongdoing leads to immediate eviction.

Follow the Rules To Resolve The Argument

Emma argues with principal figures that a serious matter is required to follow these essential rules.

Recognition Of Serious Issue

Both parties need to recognize and understand each other’s concerns when the matter is serious. When both parties take the time to listen and understand each other’s perspectives, they can easily find the solution to the problems.

Open Communication

Open and sincere conversations are vital in resolving misunderstandings. They help create a pathway for mutual respect and understanding. Mutual respect is essential in fostering a positive and productive dialogue.

Again, Look After Policies

Emma aims to modify existing policies and consider students’ needs. Both are essential steps in creating a safe and supportive environment. It’s important to prioritize the well-being and safety of students.

Making Of New Proposal

To confirm the effective implementation of the changed policies. It would be beneficial to create a visible proposal. This proposal can outline the specific steps and actions. They needed to implement the new policies and establish new responsibilities for different stakeholders.

Improving Educational System

While improving the education system, we need to set an example in schools. And creating a supportive environment where every student’s voice remains heard is crucial.

Steps To Handle Educational Norms And Principles

Emma argues with Principal Figgins because Figgins didn’t prospect the educational norms and policies.

  • Students should be the central focus, and the school’s principal should prioritize the development and well-being of students.
  • It is essential to make policies that address the needs of students. They can handle students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Equality should be a fundamental norm, ensuring every student has equal rights. And the opportunity to express their point of view to the school system and faculty.
  • Teachers should have the freedom to exercise their professional judgment in the classroom. They need clear and open communication with stakeholders to develop understanding and trust.
  • Open communication and trust-building are crucial to fostering a successful educational experience for everyone involved.


Concluding the intense debate, Emma argues that principal figures have a strong sense of confidence regarding school policies. Both of them are very passionate about their positions. Emma believed that students should participate in decision-making processes that affect the school’s work.
In comparison, Principal Figgins believed in maintaining strong adherence to the law and ensuring smooth operations. Both position holders came up with a solution. And efficiently resolve the agreement by practicing active listening.
They decided on the new policies for the school’s functioning. That would be created collaboratively by the faculty and students. This way, a sense of responsibility is instilled in the students. And they can freely express their perspectives.
This argument teaches us the importance of improving communication. Empathy, respect, and active listening resolve conflicts and solve problems. By understanding each other’s needs, we can fulfill them while deciding the battle.
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