What finance degrees are there – Learning to manage the resources of another is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks, according to the high responsibility approach that characterizes it, so if you show great interest in studying money management, its profitability and financial return in an organization, it is You are likely to be drawn to Finance related careers; Keep reading our article, and we will tell you today what you need to know about it.

Finance related careers

As we mentioned before, careers related to Finance require professionals to have skills and knowledge to manage a company’s resources through knowledge of accounting systems, regulations and the financial structure of a business; in addition, new practices require that you must handle the understanding of online promotions, digital markets and investments in cryptocurrencies.

Next, we show the primary Finance-related careers  available in Spanish-speaking countries, which you can prepare for at university through the study of a bachelor’s degree or short careers  and, of course, work anywhere in the world since they are careers one of the best paid where you can get a lot of money in the performance of the profession, in addition to having a safe workplace because companies always require a professional with knowledge related to:


The Accountant or Accounting Graduate is one of the highest-paid careers internationally, mainly due to the type of responsibility that this professional carries, since it processes information on all economic operations carried out by the company, ensures accounting records with timeliness, accuracy and transparency of operations, in addition to creating timely and valuable reports for subsequent decision-making.

Business Administration

The Bachelor of Administration is a career that trains professionals with the ability to administer and manage the resources of a company in all its areas to obtain profitability, analyse the market, project investments, and having the ability to control the financial process. Within the organization.


An economist must know about the economy and Finance at a national and international level, as well as the business environment where the organization in which it operates; he will also be able to carry out qualitative and quantitative analyzes to evaluate those investment projects that are favourable for the economy of the company.

Banking and finances

It is related not only to work carried out in a bank but also to the entire financial system of a region. It can affirmed that the Bachelor of Banking and Finance will a professional who will handle data and figures related to investments, the stock market, savings and loans, so a person with an excellent capacity for mathematical analysis and financial and stock market interest suggested.

Foreign trade

The business sector focuses its strategies internally, depending on the country in which it operates. Still, there also comes a time when it expands its operations internationally, resulting in favourable commercial activities, where an expert with a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Trade, with skills to understand international business, as well as the international regulations and laws that govern this activity.

University majors and international business

Currently, the work required from the financial point of view is based on stock market analysis for large companies and market analysis (Digital Marketing) for small and medium-sized companies. This a consequence of what has called the “new world order”, which is related to the new forms of economic business that we currently experiencing and that also affect the teaching-learning of careers related to Finance.

What careers related to Finance can I study if I live in Mexico?

In this section, we will indicate which university degrees you can study to have a highly productive and successful profession over time, particularly in Mexico, where you will be able to manage risks and create strategies that produce benefits in organizations, strengthening the market—And generating wealth.

To function in Mexican territory and be able to satisfy that existing labour demand, you must prepare yourself for careers related to Finance at universities where you will study for between four to six years of duration. Below we list some graduate or engineer options to choose from according to your preference:

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Finance and Public Accounting

Studying the Bachelor of Finance and Public Accounting at the Universidad Anáhuac México will provide you with all the knowledge you need to understand your company’s financial and economic operations.

Just imagine being able to perform tasks like: