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Fitness Write For Us – This is a much-debated question. Some argue that it is the “latissimus dorsi” (latissimus dorsi muscle) and others, on the contrary, say that it would be the “gluteus maximus” (gluteus maximus muscle). And the fact is that both are partly right. The latissimus dorsi muscle on the back is the most significant body muscle in terms of surface area, while the gluteus maximus muscle exceeds the rest in terms of volume.

Fitness Question #2: People who sweat a lot and profusely also lose a lot of weight – true or false?

False. Sweating has nothing to do with burning fat. When you sweat, you only lose water and nutrients. The important thing is, therefore, to replenish the reserves of water and nutrients as soon as possible, drinking what is necessary after the hour of training.

Fitness Question #3: What are Kinesio-Tapes used for?

These elastic bands stimulate muscles, tissues and the lymphatic system. They are used above all in case of contractures, inflammations or muscular pains. The tapes are glued in the same direction as the muscles, favouring correct movement. Although the preventive bandage with these tapes for the protection of the forces, is an increasingly common practice. Videos should always be placed by a professional, such as a doctor or physical therapist.

Fitness Question #4: What exactly are shoelaces?

The tiny tears suffered by muscle fibres when exposed to overload are called soreness (or delayed myalgia). A small amount of water accumulates in tears, which can cause painful inflammation of the fibres. The soreness can be relieved with a gentle massage, in the sauna or relaxation exercises. If you have soreness, the first thing is to stop training. This is because it is easy for shoelaces to lead to muscle strain. You should use this time for regeneration.

Fitness Question #5: How can you avoid a high heart rate while running?

Those who start training, or incredibly motivated athletes, tend to run reasonably fast. However, if you haven’t run for a long time, you should start walking first. The perceived burden should never be higher than slightly demanding. This is the only way to keep a steady pace. And if you don’t trust your sensations, you can train with a heart rate monitor. After a few training sessions, the pulse will be registered and will go down. The initiation of “running” can be easier with interval training that intersperses the running and walking phases.

Fitness Question #6: How many times a day should protein be eaten if the training goal is “muscle building”?

If the body is in the muscle growth phase, it will need between 1.7 and 2 grams of protein for every kilo of body weight. For example, someone weighing 80 kg will need approximately 160 grams of protein so that the muscles can show optimal development.

Fitness Question #7: What should be done in case of cramps?

The cramps usually appear mainly when making great efforts but also when you sweat too much. Therefore, a twitch is nothing more than a lack of magnesium or sodium chloride. Taking a magnesium supplement regularly before training can be beneficial to prevent cramps. Foods rich in magnesium, such as bananas, papaya, legumes or nuts, should not be missing from the menu.

Fitness Question #8: Does the outside temperature matter when doing outdoor sports?

In the case of intensive endurance sports, you should be careful if the outside temperature exceeds 28ºC. It will also be more comfortable for you to train indoors if the ambient humidity exceeds 80%. Some possible consequences are dehydration, exhaustion, fatigue, shortness of breath, or shooting pain in the lung. If the temperature is too high, your circulation will become overworked. You will do well to reduce the pace and duration of your session, and even better if you train early in the morning or in the afternoon.

Fitness Question #9: How can you train your arms while running?

On the contrary, the powers of the arms barely used. Running improves endurance, strengthens the cardiovascular system and develops the leg muscles. To train these muscles when running, you can, for example, carry small dumbbells or wear weighted wrist straps.

Fitness Question #10: What can be done against constant neck pain?

Neck pain is the result of muscle contractures. A sedentary lifestyle and loads on one side cause continuous contractures. To strengthen the neck, exercises are advisable, e.g. using elastic bands for muscle development. Especially at the workplace, special attention must be paid to proper posture and a height-adjustable workplace.

Fitness Question #11: What effect does chilli have on weight loss?

The capsaicin that gives chilli its spicy flavour prevents the rise in insulin levels after eating. And precisely, that hormone is responsible for storing fat in the body. In addition, chilli stimulates circulation, promotes blood flow and favours digestion.

Fitness Question #12: What is the origin of muscle tremors?

Muscle tremor or muscle spasm usually occurs involuntarily and has a nervous origin. Muscle tremors often begin when the body is at a low temperature. Through these tremors, the body tries to generate heat. The lack of magnesium or calcium usually causes cramps, although they can also be behind muscle tremors.

Fitness Question #13: What does the relaxation phase after training bring?

Numerous metabolism-related end products (e.g. lactate) are produced in the body during training. After training, relaxation exercises help the body get rid of these substances. In this way, the regeneration phase can shortened. For the relaxation phase you should select the minimum resistance, in order to easily lower the pulsation level. A session of about 15 minutes on the ergometer or elliptical bike is ideal to slow down.

 What is the best training plan for me?

The personal trainer and the bodybuilding instructor have knowledge and guidelines to follow that fit each plan, each person, and each objective.

In your plan, you will see the exercises and classes (if applicable) that you must perform and the number of series, repetitions and rest times – values ​​adapted to your objective: hypertrophy, strength, volume, toning, etc.

In addition, you usually have cardio and muscular resistance exercises in a training plan.

By combining the two, you will not only be able to achieve your goals faster, but you will also speed up your metabolism.

It is essential not to skip the gym routine to obtain faster and more lasting results.

 What supplements should I take?

Many newbies in the gym want to start taking certain supplements directly because friends or colleagues have already taken them.

Calm down… this supplement may  indicated for him but not for you – don’t forget that each body different.

Seek the advice of specialists in this area, such as nutritionists, doctors or specialized stores.

There are some pretty popular supplements in this world:

Whey or whey protein: One of the most popular supplements in gyms. Proteins are the primary building block of muscles and, therefore, essential to help recover from physical exercise and to build muscle mass, as are amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

Winners or gainers: the so-called hard gainers are who want to gain weight or have difficulty doing so – trainers have different ingredients, a considerable amount of calories (to gain weight, increased calorie consumption is essential), and protein, which is which is excellent for helping build muscle mass.

 How can I organize myself to go to the gym?

With the help of an instructor or personal trainer, you will find the best time to train, and if you don’t have much time, you can always do faster and more intense workouts, such as HIIT training, circuits or super sets.

Is it even possible to do an intense workout in 10 minutes?

Your trainer will adjust to your needs and prepare training for you, also ask him for some exercises you can do at home.

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