how fitness changed my life – It is still common to believe that leading a Fitness lifestyle is based on going to the gym, cultivating the body and consuming absolutely no fat or sugar.

The truth is that it goes much further.

We increasingly aware that a Fitness lifestyle consists of taking care of yourself inside and out, so that not only our body healthy, but also our mind and emotions, since one inevitably linked to the other.

Fitness lifestyle: take care of yourself inside and out

As we have already commented, there is no external change if an internal change is not previously generated in our preferences and values ​​when it comes to leading a certain lifestyle.

We are going to remove the myth that leading a Fitness life is only for a few.

This lifestyle is for everyone, regardless of age, gender or physical condition. As we have said, the difference is in the attitude of each person.

The main objective is to keep us active and healthy inside and out, which will give us a state of general well-being. And this well-being is nothing more than a balance between body, mind and emotions.

healthy eating

Food plays a fundamental role, as it will achieve:

  • Let our body work better
  • feel more energetic
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • be in a better mood

And no, it is not about making impossible diets or suppressing food or nutrients. It is about eating a complete and balanced diet.

Incorporate exercise into our life

This does not mean successful to the gym every day, if your schedule does not allow it.

We recommend you go step by step, especially if you haven’t exercised in a long time, as your body may suffer.

We advise you to start by walking, climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator, going to work by bike and taking advantage of the slightest opportunity to exercise and get used to your body.

Also train your discipline

Motivation is what will get the necessary impulse to start changing habits, but without discipline, we will give up after a few days, so both variables are essential.

Maintaining a discipline is exercising every day, even if it’s walking 10 minutes, or doing 15 minutes of yoga. At first the time does not matter, but you get used to doing it daily.

Set a small goal at the beginning and do not lose sight of it, it will serve as daily motivation.

Tips for leading a fitness life

In short, adopting a lifestyle, whatever it is, is a process that takes time.

Do not beat yourself up or compare your times with someone else’s, just implement small changes and try to maintain them.

You will start to notice results sooner than you thought.

Little tips like cutting back on processed sugars and fats, eating more fruits and vegetables, grilling or steaming instead of frying make a big difference.

Forget going on radical diets on your own or crushing yourself with exercise indiscriminately, it is counterproductive and harmful. Above all, consult with a doctor or personal trainer before initiating major changes to your routine.

What’s the point of coming and going?

wanted something that would allow me to live without restrictions, without guilt for eating what I wanted, without guilt for not following the day’s exercises to the letter.

I did not want a life with prohibitions for reaching a certain standard of physical beauty.

I wanted to learn to accept and love myself as I am, to once and for all stop with the comparisons that were screwing up my life more and more.

What do I need to be fitness?

I think that the only thing that is needed to HAVE THE DESIRE TO IMPROVE and TO IMPROVE yourself every day. You don’t need more than

Wanting to change the life you lead because the way you go you are not happy…

After looking through my photographic archives, the first thing that crossed my mind was , what would have happened if I had not taken action?

What would have happened if I hadn’t taken those photos to have evidence of my first step?