how marketing and sales work together – The conflict between marketing and sales originates when one department is considered to more important than the other. For some it is sales, because they generate the income that sustains the company and for others, it is marketing because it explores, creates and delivers value to satisfy the needs of the target market, so who serves whom?

Think about the customer

Both departments must prioritize the characteristics and needs of the client, be useful to them. Marketing is the department that generates various content such as: brochures, catalogs, mailings , etc. What happens if the content is focused more than on the customer’s needs, on the characteristics of the product?

Sales live between the objectives and challenges of the person, in their needs. If our focus focused on us, on our product, the buyer simply not going to interested. On the other hand, if we have a customer-centric approach, we have a greater probability of generating interest.

Think about your buyer, if they do not need the product or service that you offer or at that moment they do not feel or identify that they need it, it is most likely that they will not move in their purchase process. To do this, it is necessary for the sales department to help optimize these efforts based on the feedback they receive from customers.

On the other hand, the sales department must have responsible knowledge of the importance of the messages and positioning defined by marketing to open the conversation with customers .


Generate leads to attract new customers

Both departments pursue the same objective: to promote the growth of the company. Marketing through the generation of more and better sales and sales opportunities, increasing the customer conversion rate.

What we want to tell you is that collaboration should fostered from the generation of contacts and sales opportunities. How many prospects do marketing efforts generate for your company?

If the answer unknown, there something that is not being done right. Marketing efforts are not just about making “pretty pictures”, sharing them on Facebook and paying for words on Google. The true objective of these actions is to position the offer in such a way that it generates demand:

The whole company is marketing and the whole company sells

Let’s think about a client who came through the organic positioning of the website that the marketing department has carried out. On the site there a button that says: We send you the quote in less than 10 hours, but the sellers have decided not to do it, what would happen to this record? Positioning yourself in the first places in the search engines implies different efforts: configuration and design of the website, uploading images, searching and using keywords, generating articles, videos, social networks, among other aspects, as well as perseverance and time. .

moreover If the sales department does not send the quote in less than 10 hours, all previous efforts will reduced to dissatisfied customers and zero profit. Customers can be the strongest promoters of your brand or the main detractors.

The relationship between a business and its clienteles established from the first contact and does not end with the closing of the sale. You remember the dissatisfied customer who did not receive their quote in less than 10 hours and who also uses different platforms. He could make a negative comment on your Facebook page himself.


A strong relationship between marketing and sales

  • Each department must know and value the work carried out by the other.
  • Define the tasks, for example: When does a lead have to go from Marketing to Sales?
  • The information must shared and enriched by both departments.
  • All the content that generated must be based on the needs of the client.
  • Marketing and Sales must convey the same messages, this ranges from the graphic image of the company, the language with which you send an email to the way sales executives address customers.