how marketing affects consumer behavior – Once you know the factors that affect the buying behavior of your consumers, you will be able to better establish the strategy to follow and you will be able to approach them in the most appropriate way.

In this article we will explain what these factors are and the different types of consumer behavior so that you can identify the appropriate strategy, but first we will know where the study of consumer behavior comes from.

Consumer Behavior Theory

One of the main objectives of large brands is to understand what leads a consumer to purchase a product or service and for this it is necessary to study their behavior.

Consumer behavior theory is an analysis that helps companies understand how people make purchasing decisions. The results of this study allow them to create marketing strategies in order to predict their actions to drive behaviors in their favor.

There are different methods to analyze the behavior of your consumers and this is because it is constantly changing according to market trends, socio-cultural, psychological factors and technological influence. The important thing is that you stay up to date and understand the consumer journey across all sales channels. The better you understand their behavior, the more likely you are to meet their expectations.

Importance of knowing consumer behavior

For a marketing strategy to work correctly, it is important to know consumer behavior, since each one has a different purchasing process. If you are not aware of this behavior, it is very likely that the product or service will not be successful in the market.

Consumer Behavior Characteristics

At present, consumers are very different and have changed their way of acquiring products or services due to the arrival of new technologies.

Defining a sales strategy that helps you guarantee favorable results for your company is key. For this, it is important to identify some of the main characteristics of the behavior of a current consumer.

  1. It is oriented towards solutions for needs:the consumer’s purchasing journey begins at the moment in which a problem is presented and requires solving it through a product or service. At that moment, it begins with the search until it finds what it needs and it will do so through all the channels to which it is exposed.
  2. Seek to be fast and reliable –in today’s world these two elements can make a world of difference. Immediacy and security are some of the most common Consumer behavior models

To better understand consumer behavior, it is necessary to know how they purchase the products or services they need. This is possible thanks to the different models of consumer behavior that allow analyzing specific factors in terms of their purchasing decisions.

Economic model

The consumer’s economic environment plays an important role in his purchasing decision. It will be necessary to analyze its purchasing power and compare it with respect to the prices of your own products and persons of the competition, to obtain a result that is favorable for both your brand and the consumer.

It is important to income into account that when it comes to more expensive products, consumers tend to take longer to make purchase decisions. You have to be cautious and correctly analyze consumer buying behavior so that their final decision is favorable for your company. Perhaps it will help to segment consumers according to their purchasing power to decide which are the target customers to whom you should direct each of your strategies.

learning model

It is based on Pavlov’s learning model that has to do with the impulses or basic needs that prompt human beings to act, such as hunger, cold, pain, etc. For example, when a consumer needs a product or service, the advertising strategy is aimed at repeating ads, which produces a desire effect in the consumer that makes him buy it. For this, it is important to identify the impulses that are related to your product or service and that are related to the needs of your potential customers in order to fully exploit those elements that are key to directing their behavior in your favor.

sociological model

Both education levels and social factors can have a big impact on consumer behavior. This model of consumer behavior considers that many of the purchases  motivated by a desire for prestige; the product or service gives consumers a higher social level and this has to do with the social influence that surrounds them.