What marketing jobs make the most money – Business communication is changing. With this, the need arises to hire new profiles for digital marketing jobs specialized in a specific area. Brands focus their key strategies on online so as not to lose growth

Jobs in digital marketing with the most demand

Next, take note of the jobs in digital marketing with the most demand in 2022. Don’t miss it!

Growth Marketing Director

This profile is among the most demanded digital marketing jobs . The salary of a Growth Marketing professional can range from 45,000 euros per year to 60,000.

Businesses today need a profile that is capable of working on building sustainable, profitable, scalable, replicable, and long-lasting marketing strategies aimed at business growth through digital marketing actions.

If your thing is marketing and growth strategies, you cannot miss the first  Master in Marketing Automation with which you will learn to apply Lean thinking and the latest trends in Growth to the company.

eSports Marketing

eSports  have entered the industry, establishing themselves as one of the sectors with the  greatest  volume for engagement and conversion rates  at the moment thanks to storytelling based on a successful strategy.

Those in charge of generating all this transmedia narrative are  sports marketing professionals , highly demanded profiles within online sports and all associated by-products.

For this reason, within digital marketing jobs, specializing in esports is one of the most profitable outlets in the long term. Event framework management, influencers , large communities or sponsorship strategies are the basic knowledge that all eSports Marketing must have and that you can acquire thanks to our Master in eSports .

Digital Project Manager

Third, when we talk about a Digital Transformation Project Manager , we are referring to that professional profile in charge of carrying out the entire digitization process of a company . Have you never heard the phrase “if you are not on the networks, you do not exist”? This is one of the most demanded digital marketing profiles in those companies where the digital presence is still scarce, and they want to renew themselves as a competitive advantage.

These types of profiles are essential in an innovative Marketing Department, with a lean spirit and that needs fast and effective coordination.

If you want to become a professional in this profile, we recommend our Master project management training .

Influencer Marketing

Another of the most current jobs in digital marketing are influencers . Strategies with influencers are one of the most profitable for digital companies today. Carrying out campaigns of this type increases the reach of the brand and loyalty .

In marketing, it is essential to know how to carry out strategies with this new profile. To adapt to the demand of companies, we have developed a Master in social networks , with which you will be able to generate sales thanks to these collaborations.

Also, if what you want is to become an influencer, the program gives you the keys to base the business model on your personal brand , understanding what the industry is looking for to generate economic sustainability. Being an influencer seems simple, but becoming one requires specialist marketing strategies.

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Inbound Marketing is directly related to the profession of the Digital Manager . Sometimes even their tasks can become similar or the same.

On the other hand, currently Inbound Marketing has become essential to carry out less intrusive actions than conventional marketing. The purpose is to get more visits and/or sales through the various digital channels.

SEO specialist

SEO specialists are marketing professionals who have one of the most delicate jobs, since the number of visits and sales depend on their work , as well as the standing of the company or organization.

Therefore, to work as an SEO it is essential to have a global vision of the project and a high management capacity.

Social CRM Manager

The  is the system that allows you to manage from the same place everything that has to do with the relationship with customers . For example, sales history, trends, reminders, etc.

data analyst

Finally, we cannot forget one of the most powerful profiles today and one of the most sought-after jobs in digital marketing. Data analysts or experts in web analytics are those profiles that are in charge of collecting, processing and interpreting data to extract the maximum possible information from them.

They are especially useful when solving problems with data in hand. This is because they provide proven and previously studied solutions. On the other hand, they are also very useful in terms of helping them when making decisions. Undoubtedly, one of the most demanded profiles that you can get thanks to the Master in Web Analytics .