what’s automotive technology – Currently, we find many novelties in automotive electronic systems, which help to drive more comfortably and safely. We are going to identify the best automotive technologies of 2021 and understand how they work.

But for this, you have to know that in a modern car, there are independent electronic systems that communicate with each other through a network, to make it possible to implement all these technologies.

In this way, car manufacturers adapt to the competitive demands of the market, and at the same time move towards driving guided by artificial intelligence and algorithms.

Keyless opening by synchronizing an App – Digital Keys and new automotive opening technologies.

A technology that has had a strong impact on the automotive market in 2021 and with a strong projection towards 2022 is access to the car through the use of your smartphone.

In this case, you must download an App to your mobile and link it to the vehicle’s entertainment system.

Then through an activation, you can link a primary ID key and download to the Wallet of your smartphone.

With this system you can remotely start the car, and also access the comfort system to air condition the car.

 Advanced driving assistance ADAS system.

ADAS systems continue to be one of the greatest aids that technology has offered to ensure safe driving.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems) incorporates sensors, signals, computers and artificial intelligence to assist the driver while driving on the road.

 Cameras with a 360º view in automotive technologies:

This innovation began with reversing cameras, however it is an implementation that was already being used in cargo and transportation vehicles.

However, the use of cameras in automotive systems has evolved to reach cameras with a 360º perimeter vision around the car.

The purpose of capturing this vision radius has to do with identifying obstacles on the road when driving, and taking preventive actions to anticipate a collision.

Automotive Software Features and Applications

Vehicles currently have the addition of programmable technology such as software that helps their versatility, turning the car not only into a basic means of transportation, but also with entertainment capabilities and greater protection for the driver.

Below we present the different software functions that contribute to improving the driving and navigation experience of the vehicles.


The infotainment system is responsible for providing connectivity to cars, since it is in charge of presenting, as its name suggests, both information and entertainment for the user.

What do we mean by this? Thanks to the infotainment system, vehicles can incorporate multimedia services , either by connecting a device via bluetooth or an auxiliary cable for receiving calls, messages, playing music and even videos, among other applications.

Driving assistance 

We have previously talked about driving assistance systems (ADAS) which, as you may remember, seek both user comfort and safety when driving.

Automotive computer software allows these types of applications to be incorporated into vehicles to make driving much more stable and less risky. These systems include ABS , lane departure warning, stability controllers, and emergency brake assist.

Just as cars require adequate programming for the operation of these assistance elements, the software also allows monitoring them to recognize when they have a fault that has to be repaired with the help of automotive scanners.

Cluster of instruments 

If you have a modern vehicle, you may notice that they have a completely digital dashboard where you can see the data on mileage, speed, and other measurement controls.

This is the cluster of instruments that allows sending alerts about the car’s temperature, and the status of the systems in case there is an error that requires repair with an automotive scanner , either due to errors in the tire pressure system, brakes ABS, or by turning on the check engine , among other things.


Data collection by means of car improvement software does not end only with the instrument cluster , but also allows the use of telematics when operating the vehicle.

And what is telematics? Well, with it you can collect information to assist the driver in driving , this through location and tracking with applications such as GPS .

The use of telematics has been developing more and more so that, with the help of software, cars can, apart from giving you the best alternatives for your way, also track your car in case of a theft , or give you some warning about a car accident or obstacles on the streets in real time.