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Content Marketing: Create to Convert

Nine out of ten companies apply content marketing according to Harvard Business Reviews. This figure indicates how effective this strategy is, which consists of creating relevant content and distributing it to attract new customers and retain those who have already purchased products or services.

Statistics speak in favor of content marketing. Among its advantages we find that it allows you to connect with the target audience, offering them information that interests them and that meets their needs.

At the same time, it transmits the values ​​of the brand and gives you the opportunity to become a leader in your sector, to be a point of reference. Good content favors your reputation and helps earn the trust and credibility of users .

Another benefit, no less important, is that it helps you position yourself in search engines as it is closely related to SEO. For this you must do a good study of keywords, write quality articles and optimized for search engines.

If you haven’t dabbled in content marketing yet, now is the time to do it. It will allow you to give your business or brand a boost. In this article we will express you how to apply it.

steps to apply content marketing in your business for the first time

Creating relevant content that works within the marketing strategy requires dedication and planning. It is not only about writing and publishing texts, but about doing detailed research to find out what to publish, for whom, with what objectives, through what channels and much more.

Here is a guide with the steps you must follow to start working in content marketing .

Define the objectives

Any strategy has to start from specific objectives, these will be the basis for applying the rest of the actions. The goals that you set must be measurable so that you can analyze them later and know if they work or if you have to rethink them.

The objectives can be very diverse. Some common ones are getting new customers, generating engagement, generating traffic, building customer loyalty, launching or positioning a product or service, etc. Once you have them defined, all members must work for them to be fulfilled.

Define the target audience

After defining the objectives, it is time to create the profile of your target audience. You need to know who you are directing and what their audience preferences are before going ahead with the strategy. The most effective way to accomplish this step is by defining your buyer persona .

A buyer persona is a prototype of the customer you want. It is a representation that is based on the sociodemographic characteristics of the final consumer. How old is he, where he works, what are his needs, level of study, hobbies… These are some of the characteristics that you can define.

The deeper your research, the better data you will get to create a more effective strategy. Also investigate the type of content they like and share, what type of posts attract them when they browse the internet.

You get this kind of information thanks to tools like Google Analytics and social networks, to name a few.

Analysis of the competition

Part of the research you do should be directed at studying the competition . It will serve as a point of reference to develop your own.

Investigate what other companies in the same sector are doing. What types of content they post, what topics they talk about, the social networks they use, how they interact with their audience.

As a result of this work, you can find a free market niche and design a plan that makes your brand stand out from the rest. You will also learn from the mistakes that other companies have made.


With all the data gathered during your research, it’s time to start planning your content . Analyze the keywords, look for topics with which you can create quality content and that you can maintain over time.

Define the editorial line, the tone and the communication channels to reach your buyer persona (including the social networks to use).

Creation and distribution of content

This is the time to start producing. Every piece of content you post has to be of quality. It is important that you have a team that is dedicated to this task. You must work according to the writing plan and be aware of trends to look for topics that are relevant. There are companies with experience in this field such as JesusLopezSEO , which offer this type of service.