will finance jobs be automated reddit – finding your professional calling involves a lot of things, like analyzing your strengths, areas of opportunity, talents, and interests and reviewing the academic offerings of universities to find out which career matches your goals and abilities.

Therefore, today we will discuss one of the most attractive academic options: the Bachelor’s degree in Finance.

Skills you need to study Finance.

Some of the most shared errors completed by students when choosing a career are opting for an educational option because their parents suggest it, their friends will study it or because of simple fashion. Undoubtedly, this should avoided at all costs, and the idea to investigate the careers of your interest as much as possible before deciding on one.

With this in mind, in this unit, we will explain the ideal characteristics you must meet to study for a degree in Finance and be an expert on the subject.

Interest in the business environment and financial markets

If you thinking of studying Finance, without a doubt, you should interested in the business environment and financial markets.

For example, some newspapers and magazines specialise in generating and publishing information on this field that you have read or heard of.

If you’ve never spent time with one of these, don’t worry! It is continuously an excellent time to start.


Regardless of the career you decide to study, to achieve your goal of obtaining a professional degree, you must have a high level of commitment from the moment you start your degree until you present your last test or evaluation.

Many people who start their studies drop out after a few months or a few years. Those who do have their reasons, but what you should avoid is that a lack of commitment leads you to make a wrong decision that could affect your future.

will finance jobs be automated reddit

Some people may think the financial world boring because it immersed in office environments, formal attire and executive positions. Still, the reality is that this profession is exciting and represents multiple challenges.

Take into account that it is very likely that if you are studying Finance, you will have to be part of a team or a department in charge of making fundamental decisions for the well-being of the organization in which you collaborate.

This implies that you must be ready to take risks because, often, what you determine can have substantial financial implications for companies.

Talent for analysis

When studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, you will have to work with data, statistics, figures, and stock market balances almost daily. This depends on the area in which you are going to develop.

For this reason, one of the characteristics you must have to study Finance is analytical thinking, capable of delving into the information you have, synthesizing data and interpreting it to make reports, make decisions and create strategic proposals.


Responsibility goes hand in hand with commitment because, regularly, a committed individual manages to be responsible.

It is a value that all individuals must have to fulfil all their tasks and assignments in the indicated time and with optimal quality. And it can also be understood as the care that must be taken when making decisions or carrying out a project.


It is not about having the same creative ability that plastic artists or designers have. Still, you must have the ability to find innovative solutions to all the financial challenges that you will encounter with your method.

One of the most exciting features of the Finance degree that it governed by many factors already defined and have existed for decades, such as the stock market, but the truth is that not everything is written.

What do you learn when you study Finance?

The learning you can have if you decide to study Finance is extensive, so you will not only explore topics related to the stock market and corporate.

For example, during the first semesters, you will receive lessons related to day-to-day business. You will study company administration, and you will also have to put your mathematical knowledge into practice.

Benefits of studying Finance

Indeed, after everything you have read up to here, you have already identified many benefits that a Finance degree can offer you. Still, in any case, we must delve a little deeper into this topic.

Remember that the decision about which career you will study is one of the most important you will make in your life, so it is worth knowing as much as possible about the academic options that interest you.