How do you Manage Children’s Anger management?

Anger managementChildren ‘s anger is an aggressive attitude that children express to face a situation. It is an instinct, an emotion, that is aroused when tension, frustration, or discomfort is felt.

The main problem with this state of mind is the helplessness that some parents feel in the face of this behavior. When children grow up, they express their frustration in the face of some inconveniences through aggressiveness, and it is essential to set some guidelines for them from an early age so that they know how to control it.

How to do it?

Parents can often make the mistake of thinking that children, simply because they are small, do not understand what is happening around them. That is an error, and children understand everything we can tell them. So if you want to work on this state of frustration in your child, read our recommendations carefully.

Techniques to Control Children’s Anger

Stay calm at all times. Think that you should be an example for your son.

Learn to know anger. When the moment of danger has passed, you must talk to him so that he learns about his state, recognizes it, and knows how to express how he feels to work on the situation.

Acting without anger is possible. Children must learn that their anger is not the solution to their problems and that there are other ways to find an appropriate course of action. To do this, we recommend that you learn to identify what caused your anger; thus, it will be easier for you to provide solutions. And most importantly, the child must also be aware that she was acting out of anger.

Helps express your anger. Children’s anger needs to be channeled, and if a child does not know how to do it, we must teach him to release tension. Sport can be a sound system for channeling energy; in some cases, even yoga sessions can be recommended.

Self-control techniques. It is also very positive that you work on self-control strategies so your child knows how to react without getting into an ironic attack. Explain to him what it means to control himself, give him tricks so that he can handle his feelings, and prepare games at home. This way, it will surely be easier for you to control his anger.

Put yourself in his place. It is undoubtedly the most complex point, but you must understand his position to manage children’s anger. We have all been through these situations, and our parents have taught us to control them. Now is your turn. Empathize with your child and try to make him assimilate the case as an adult would to see that his behavior is incorrect.


In addition, these techniques are not only good for managing children’s anger. With your application, we are also teaching you control and behavior tools that will be very useful for life.

At Albiach Psychologists, we use cognitive behavioral therapy for this behavior. We will teach you the necessary techniques and tools to relax these behaviors. Once assessed and diagnosed, the behaviors that must be changed are determined, the objectives to be achieved, and a plan to eliminate unwanted behaviors are established.

If you cannot help manage your child’s anger, ask us for an appointment at our Psychology Center in Valencia from 09:00 to 21:00, Monday to Friday, by calling 963 721 985 or it through the form, so we will assess the personality of your son or daughter to help him control and achieve his anger.

Anger Management

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