Lose Weight Fast on the Military Diet – Whether in winter or summer, we always find the time when we allow ourselves more than one license when eating and abusing cheat meals. Foods prohibited during the course, on summer days, or special donates of the year slip into our plates, and absolutely nothing happens. For this reason, returning to reality always brings that feeling left by the excesses you have committed.

But do not panic; there is a key for those extra kilos that have blurred your abs and have boycotted your six-pack. The military diet is the most suitable for these occasions since this type of diet is designed to purify the body and reduce the volume in a short time, for example, in just three days.

Duration of the military diet to lose weight

Its duration must be three days maximum, with four rest between one and the other if you want to repeat. It consists of eliminating mid-morning meals and snacks -although they can be replaced by coffee or infusion-and restricting certain types of food and calories that we can do without for a few days.

This diet also “forces” you not to do sports, so you will have to delay going back to the gym for a few days. However, you can substitute it for moderate cardiovascular exercises, whether you go for a walk or ride a bike for half an hour or an hour. Fasted cardio is more than recommended.

The essential foods of the military diet

This three-day military diet is rigorous and restrictive when selecting what foods are allowed. Include a large amount of protein with foods such as meat, eggs, or tuna. It also has as a pillar some vegetable hydrates in the form of fruits such as apples or carrots, among others. Here are the 50 foods with more carbohydrates in your diet

In addition, there is also room for bread, although it must be whole grain. Cheese of different types (fresh cheese, cottage cheese…) is also allowed, and coffee and green tea will be responsible for shaping breakfast most of the time. Even vanilla ice cream is part of the foods that can be eaten following this diet. The 50 foods with more protein to lose weight are these.

Ten essential foods to lose weight and optimal in this diet

Tuna: a lot of protein and no fat and carbohydrates. The calories in a can of tuna and all its benefits

Salmon: Rich in Omega-3

Chicken: all protein

Turkey: another shot of protein and zero fat

Broccoli: has calcium

Tofu: vegan proteins to gain more muscle

Legumes: the best vegetable protein

Pineapple: helps lose weight and is diuretic

Cauliflower: an essential vegetable for weight loss

Nuts: helps to lose weight, with moderate consumption, for its satiating power

military diet example for weight loss

Throughout this military diet, calories ingested from more excellent to lesser amounts and the ingredients used have a high protein index. This is an example of the diet you can follow:

Day 1

Breakfast: a slice of toast with peanut butter: its benefits, properties, and recipes or olive oil. We accompany it with a cup of coffee or tea if you wish – it is advisable to drink a drink with some caffeine since its properties help burn calories.

Lunch: a whole wheat toast with a can of canned tuna (170 g) and a cup of coffee or tea.

Dinner: to end the day, a moderate portion of lean red or white meat such as chicken or turkey (85 g) with a side of green beans (340 g) and, for dessert, half a banana, a small apple, and a cup of ice cream vanilla (340g).

Day 2

Breakfast: start the day with whole-grain toast with a boiled egg, half a banana, and coffee or tea if you want.

Food: again, a boiled egg ( the best tricks to cook it, peel it, microwave it and all its benefits ), a cup of fresh cheese or skyr, and five crackers.

Dinner: lean meat that can be turkey or chicken, along with a cup of broccoli, half a cup of carrots, and half a banana. Also, if possible, 170 g of vanilla ice cream and protein.

Day 3

Breakfast: a 30-gram slice of cheddar or cottage cheese, five crackers, and one small apple. You can have a cup of coffee or green tea, which is perfect for losing weight.

Food: at noon, you can only have a slice of toast, whole wheat, and a hard-boiled egg.

Dinner: a can of canned tuna, half a banana, and 340 g of protein vanilla ice cream if possible and without lactose.

These diets work in a short tenure, and it is not advisable to follow them for a long time, at least without consulting a specialist. While doing it, you must continue drinking 2 liters of water daily to hydrate the body and eliminate the toxins it does not need. Then, the rest of the week, you do not follow this plan and maintain a balanced diet without excesses to not suffer the so-called rebound effect that scares us so much.

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