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Motorcycle Insurance Write For Us – As a cyclist, you might wonder which bicycle insurance is the most suitable . Is it enough that the home insurance includes family civil liability? What advantages does exclusive bike insurance offer?

We will answer all these queries and some more in this article, but let’s start by looking at some data.

Did you know that bicycle sales increased by 300% during the de-escalation? With these figures, it is not surprising that the Association of Brands and Bicycles of Spain – AMBE – is more than optimistic about the future of these two-wheeled vehicles.

Regardless of the peak moment in the sector, if you are a cyclist, you know that riding a bike can pose an added risk for you, for third parties, or even your family.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know:

Home insurance and bicycle insurance

Let’s start with the most common assumption, home insurance, and the coverage it offers cyclists in the event of an accident.

The coverage for cyclists from your home insurance comes into play with the Family Civil Liability clause, which is nothing more than the service to cover part of the damage that any person in the family unit – who lives in the insured home – causes To thirds.

In addition to non-own damages –to yourself–this policy generally includes a legal assistance service for claiming compensation in the event of an accident.

Finally, suppose you keep your bicycle in the storage room or the community garage, and it is stolen. In that case, most insurance companies through home insurance will compensate you to a greater or lesser extent, provided that you meet the requirements established for that purpose. Effect.

Exclusive bike insurance

If we change home insurance for bicycle insurance of a specific nature, then, logically, we are talking about a greater and broader number of coverages that provide solutions to the vast majority of possible problems that you may have pedaling.

Likewise, the coverage and the amount of compensation will depend on the different types of bicycles that you insure, something logical if you stop to think about it for a moment, because it is not the same if the insured asset is your mountain bike as if it is one of your children or if it is a professional because you dedicate yourself to it.

Once the previous considerations have been clarified, review the coverage with us.

 civil liability

Like home insurance, the civil liability of bicycle insurance covers the possible damages that you cause as a cyclist to third parties while you are riding .

 damage and theft

In general, this assumption includes the damages that you may suffer due to vandalism or theft . The amount of compensation will again depend on what is established in the insurance contract for the bicycle.

Travel Assistance

This service includes as coverage assistance outside the home for the needs you may have if you are stranded far from home or from a workshop where they can help you fix your bicycle.

The distance between your home and the place of the accident can be a factor to quantify and/or limit the compensation, it will depend on each insurance company, so it is important that you take this into account when taking out insurance for your bicycle.

There are even companies that cover this type of accident wherever you are, anywhere in the world .

In addition to the transfer to your home, the travel assistance coverage may include travel health expenses if you have to be taken to a hospital because you need medical treatment.

 medical expenses

In addition to the aforementioned transfer to the medical center, the policy may include the medical expenses of the accident : operations, rehabilitation, hospitalization, etc.

Some insurers even assume compensation if the accident leads to a situation of permanent or temporary disability or even if you die – in this case, the beneficiaries of the policy will be compensated.

Legal defense

If the accident gives rise to a trial in which to settle responsibilities because the parties involved do not agree, your bicycle insurance may cover the legal expenses , that is, a lawyer who provides you with defense, advice and representation throughout throughout all phases of the process.

 final considerations

In order for the insurance company to recognize your right to receive the compensation that corresponds to the previous coverage, you must take into account that you also have to meet a series of requirements such as those mentioned below:

  • Use the helmet properly and correctly.
  • Preserve the security of your bicycle with the use of locks and/or other approved measures to prevent its theft.
  • Circulate at all times legally and in compliance with the circulation measures established for each road.
  • File a report in case of theft.

Is bicycle insurance mandatory?

No. There is no obligation to take out cover for an electric bike or any other type of insurance, no matter how much you usage it on a day-to-day basis. This is how the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) contemplates it. That does not mean that it is not convenient to have one, and even more so taking into account the speed that you can reach while cycling.

What is the best insurance for your electric or other type of bicycle?

If you want to hire the best bicycle insurance , it is important that you pay attention to the coverage that the companies you consult can provide you. Consider which of them you will feel really protected in different hypothetical situations.

These are the most useful coverages, and to which it is more frequent to have to go. Don’t go without them!

1. Liability coverage

Imagine that you go out for a walk with your bike and you have an accident in which one or several people end up being involved. A civil liability insurance is the one that will cover the possible bodily damage suffered by that person or persons if it was you who caused the accident.

2. Legal protection

If, as a result of an chance, you need a lawyer to represent you, it is important that your insurance company make one available to you without limit. You also have the possibility of looking for the lawyer that you want and that, thanks to the bicycle insurance that you have, your company covers the expenses up to a previously established financial amount. 3. Accidental damage

Here we refer to the damages that you may hurt as a result of an accident that occurs externally, unforeseen and, above all, beyond your intention. This kind of situation also has another direct consequence: that your bike is deprived of its normal operation. Good insurance will help you take care of both one thing and the other.

How much does bicycle insurance cost?

Now that you know that bicycle insurance is not mandatory, but you are aware of its great importance, surely you are asking yourself another question. We refer to the one related to the financial outlay that its hiring and maintenance will entail.In any case, and as a general rule, you will always find affordable policies within the reach of all pockets. For example, for the price of just two coffees, you won’t have to worry about those unwanted setbacks that can easily arise.

Why is Klinc the best option to purchase bicycle insurance?

There are several reasons why Klinc represents the best option when it comes to taking out insurance for your bike. These are the four reasons that we believe are most important:

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