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Seo Tools Write For Us – Today, we bring you the ten questions about SEO we usually receive from our most recent readers in this field who are interested in online marketing, either out of devotion, obligation, or both.

Caveat! Once you enter the world of Marketing, you can no longer leave.

1. What is SEO? How does it work?

SEO is a series of actions that must be carried out to optimize and improve web positioning in search engines.

For the public to find what they want, search engines conduct an “investigation,” verifying which pages can offer you the best answer. For this, we use SEO to facilitate the search engine solution through visual improvements, content, links …

In the previous post, we talked more carefully about these issues; stop by if the information we have left here does not seem enough to you and you want to investigate more about the subject.

2. What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

The most immediate difference is that SEM is paid, and SEO is organic positioning, that is, free. So the only thing that will cost you is the time you dedicate to it.

This is the first difference they will give you because it is the most notable but not the only one.

With SEO, you will achieve results in the medium term but last over time. On the contrary, with SEM, the results are more immediate but will last as long as you decide to continue paying.

SEO is changing and updating periodically; you can control it with SEM.

With SEM, high technical knowledge is not required, and any website can use it; SEO, however, if specific technical knowledge is required.

3. Why is SEO important?

SEO provides you with greater visibility by showing your web page to your potential customers if you know how to choose the keywords well, which leads to more visibility, more web traffic, increasing the number of visits, achieving more significant interaction with customers, allowing you to engage conversation with the user both to offer them what they are looking for and to help you continue to improve.

As you can see, it’s all a chain of gears.

4. How much does SEO cost?

It Depends, It All Depends (Like Stick Syrup Song)

There are many variables to take into account to calculate the price of SEO. Each professional can give more value to one or another variable and offer one or another payment option.

It can be a payment by the hour with pre-established rates or by making a personalized budget for each client according to the users’ needs.

If you are interested but have questions, you can send us an email asking about our services without any commitment.

5. What tools are used in SEO?

In the current market, we can find many exciting and helpful tools. But here I am going to leave you 5 of the most used means that you can find for free:

  1. Google Analytics: This tool is used to monitor visits to a website.
  2. Google Search Console – Useful to help monitor, maintain, and improve a website’s presence in search results.
  3. Keyword Tool – This keyword tool helps users identify what their target audience is searching for.
  4. Screaming Frog: Besides finding helpful information for conducting an audit, this tool acts as a Seo Spider crawling the entire website.
  5. GTMetrix: is a web service that helps you detect the aspects or factors that affect your loading speed.

We have used all of them ourselves and know how good they are; we hope they will be helpful for you to get started.

6. How can I improve the positioning of my web page?

Web positioning is improved through SEO strategies.

Although it may not look like it, there is much more behind a beautiful web design.

It must not only be visually attractive to the visitor, but the font size must be adequate, have a harmony of colors, a pleasant design, and easy navigation; it must also adapt to both computers and Smartphones, which be easy to handle and intuitive, the loading time is essential to be fast (because nobody likes to wait), and of course, the content that you want to show to your target audience must be original, relevant and of high quality.

These are some aspects you can put into practice right now; if you still see that your website is not rising, send us an email to see how we can help you.

7. What are the keywords or keywords?

They are words that relate the topic you are dealing with in your blog, website, article, post, etc., with the search that users carry out regarding that topic.

They are those keywords that title or describe a text or content.

8. What are backlinks and link building?

Backlinks or out-of-date links are links from a website that take you to another; if A links a link from B, B receives a backlink from A.

Link building is an SEO strategy based on getting external links directed to our website, blog, store, etc. This will increase traffic, and we can better position our page in search engines.

Also known as getting links, It is about getting other websites to put a link to your website to position you.

9. Is it essential that my domain contains the keywords?

Whether or not the domain contains the keyword has its pros and cons.

A few years ago, many companies beat themselves up for having a domain like “” since this allowed them to rank faster and reach their target audience more quickly.

But in the long run, they lost brand identity, and it wasn’t easy to retain customers since they did not have a brand name to remember.

Nowadays, having the brand name in the domain becomes more critical since it sells the product and the experience associated with the brand name. And create a whole business culture around it with which the potential client feels identified.

10. What are long tail keywords?

If we translate it into Spanish, it would something like long-tail keywords that would phrases used by the client when searching for something on the internet on a specific topic in an exact way.

For example:

Palabra clave o keywords: Marketing

Long tail Keywords: Digital Marketing specialized in SEO Huelva.

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