are beauty marks attractive – 020 is going to be beautiful and exciting. Or at least in terms of cosmetics. Habits change, products change and philosophy changes. Silicones seem to be in the past, and now FREE OF … labels are the stars of recycled and sustainable packaging. In this fight to change consciousness to feel good on the outside… but also inside, we have located a good handful of young and brave brands committed to change.

Many of them are presented to us by Niche Beauty Lab, a young, brave and daring company that faces change as an exciting and motivating challenge. It is not conventional. It is not dull. It’s a not expensive. It is not intended to sell brands that achieve perfection but brands that make you feel good. They produce cosmetics from various brands inspired by vegan cosmetics, cosmetics made with natural ingredients, adventurous girls or traditional and effective oriental medicine. We have found other nerve centres for daring, courageous and conscious cosmetics at Very Coqueta, where their bets never fail, Kosui, the new benchmark ‘green beauty store’ or the emblematicLaconicum, from which we know that nothing can go wrong. Here we go, 2020.

Farm to Fresh

It is, as described in Niche, the perfect formula between nature and science. The firm’s products contain a high percentage of organic and natural ingredients and are free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones. But that “2020 touch” that makes us happy, that reminds us that people are willing to improve, also comes with its packaging. With boxes made with FSC-certified cardboard from sustainably managed forests. ‘Intensive Moisturizing Cream’ is a light-textured moisturizing facial cream which is enriched with active ingredients such as ‘Honey Cocoates&Lactobacillus Ferment’, which helps reduce excess oil on the skin for a matte effect, but also immediate conditioning and repair. It is indicated for all skin types, even the most sensitive (€12.95). For sale in Primor. Boddy’s Pharmacy

They stand on the maxim that “less is more”, so for this, they only use natural ingredients in soft formulas, without perfumes. Try ‘Every Day Eye Contour’ (€9.95). Also for sale in Primor. It is an eye contour whose continued use achieves a lifting and firming effect that smoothes the skin and hydrates it: a more relaxed look, too, thanks to its tightening effect on the eyelids.


The essential ingredient in their products is water from the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Land mainly known for its natural geothermal baths. The brand has a geothermal spa in a lava field in Grindavik, on the Reykjanes peninsula and given the purity of its thermal water, all products are designed to prevent and cure specific skin problems such as acne, excess sebum and treat skin such as sensitive and mature skin. You can also locate it in Primor, and from its catalogue, there is something that may interest you in perfecting your skin. This is your pore refiner ‘Mattmethod Pore Refiner’ (€9.95). Corrects the appearance and skin imperfections and keeps the skin hydrated and shine-free. It can be rummage-sale as a treatment as well as a primer before makeup.


The brand, with an apparent oriental influence not only for its ingredients but also for its packaging, is another one you should have on your radar, with traditional ingredients of oriental and organic origin and a minimalist formulation that avoids everything unnecessary. We like their illuminating anti-ageing mask detoxifying active charcoal (also at Primor, €19.95).


You will find it in Very Flirty. It is a brand that formulates based on plant assets thanks to the correct and accurate combination of plants and their properties. The smell and the sensation of freshness on the skin will hook you. And among its star cosmetics, we are left with its curious “Virginal milk nº1”. A 100% natural, floral, balsamic lotion that is especially beneficial for sensitive and delicate skin. Refreshes, hydrates and revitalizes (€32.50).


At Very Coqueta, we have also found this attractive brand, and right now, with the whole cold of January, its face cream is one of the best options to change your moisturizer. It contains apricot oil and organic shea butter, which is especially useful for boosting the driest and most sensitive skin. It also contains organic chamomile, rose extract and a 100% natural perfume that will make you stay.

Mamita Botanical Skincare

It is a vegan Spanish brand that creates natural cosmetics with ingredients that are a mixture of the experiences of its creators in Latin America (such as Annatto seeds) and traditional Mediterranean plants. They create their products in the Collserola Natural Park with wild plants and ingredients. We have located it in Kosui Cosmetics by Nature, a meeting place for lovers of natural beauty without toxins responsible for the environment.


We at Kosui have also fallen in love with Absolution. A Parisian unisex organic cosmetics brand created by Isabelle Carron. Its founder intends “to offer the possibility of adapting the formulas to what our skin tries to tell us”. Its specific serums can be mixed with the creams or used alone, creating personalized treatments. A mix&match that is quite a revolution and that has the Ecocert Cosmos certification. On sale at Kosui Cosmetics by Nature.


This independent beauty brand is rooted directly in Peruvian nature. It selects healing and nourishing plants from its biodiversity and offers, highly ef,fective natural products for the skin and your well-being. Its cosmetics are formulated with native ingredients organically harvested in Peru, maintaining the utmost respect for the environment. The nerve centre: the heart of the Peruvian Andes. On sale at Kosui Cosmetics by Nature.