Who fitness enthusiast – 13 THINGS A GYM ENTHUSIAST HATES

Now is a list of the most reviled items by gym enthusiasts!

1. Negative thoughts

The approach to the world of fitness comes mainly from the desire for self-improvement, whether losing weight or getting stronger or faster.

A proper gym enthusiast avoids focusing on his “defects” or what he wants to change about himself—concentrating instead on small changes and goals that he gradually manages to achieve.

2. Train without a goal

While every workout is a win, some are better than others.

True gym enthusiasts plan all their workouts (e.g. leg workout on Monday, arm workout on Wednesday etc. etc.

3. The “demoralizers.”

You recognize them immediately; they are in all groups at work or among friends. They say phrases like “There are other things besides the gym” or ” I don’t think it’s good to be so muscular.

Well, gym enthusiasts stay away from these people.

4. Limited clothing

Those aren’t the right clothes for you if you can’t squat or sweat! Gym enthusiasts start out wanting to buy cute and stylish clothes but always buy super stretchy and comfortable garments.

5. Sugar overload and lounging on the couch

There is nothing more harmful to a gym enthusiast!

Eating a bag of sweets can be tempting, but the true gym fan knows that in a second moment, he will pay the consequences, so he prefers to avoid it.

6. Quick fixes

Every fitness enthusiast knows there are no quick fixes (probably because he tried it on his skin during his sporting career, made of sacrifices and dedication).

If you want a perfect “beach” body, it will take more than 2 weeks and some expensive green tea drinks.

7. Ready foods

Buying food on the go almost certainly means buying processed foods that lack the nutrients your body needs.

So a true gym enthusiast plans and prepares the food you will be consuming in advance.

8. Apologies

If you look for it, there will always be an excuse not to start the gym and get further away from your goals. Social life, work… a faithful gym goer doesn’t find reasons but sacrifices and commits to what he loves.

9. Lack of variation

Whether it’s food or training, interpretation is always reasonable. For example, trying new spices can be a great solution to get out of the monotony of the usual food and the usual flavours; why not also try a new course in the gym


10. The right shoes

Shoes make a difference! Whether you’re a runner or a weightlifter, each business has its shoe that will better enable you to achieve your goals.

11. Fake gym buddies

We have all made this mistake at least once. A friend offers to go to the gym together, but during training, he does nothing more than lose his temperature or chat without concentrating on the exercises.

12. Abandoned ship

An invitation to dinner and your plans to eat meat and vegetables jump? Please don’t make it a tragedy!

The true fitness enthusiast does not make it a problem; quite the opposite. Enjoy the good food you eat and return to your regular diet the next day and your training without unnecessary guilt.

Fitness is a lifestyle, not a pass-or-fail test.

13. Accidents

True gym enthusiasts know that their bodies can be prone to damage and injury during training; that is why they know before and after each workout that it is good to warm up and stretch your muscles and fuel your body with the necessary nutrients example. Lots of protein is helpful for muscle recovery, and you need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.