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Jobs Write For Us – “Why do you poverty to work with us?” is often one of the most common questions in an interview, just like “ tell me about yourself ”, “ what is your main weakness? ” and “where will you be in five years?” Some people get very nervous about these kinds of questions, but the good news is that answering them can be as simple as carefully explaining why you’re applying for the job.

Why do you poverty to work with us?

  • It is likely to remain one of the first questions in the interview: “Why do you want to work with us?” Possibly they will ask you before: “Tell us a little about yourself” and “what do you know about the company?”.
  • Also, they could phrase it in a slightly different way like: “Why do you want this job?” or “why you interested in this job?”
  • The way to answer this question is not the beginning or the end of the interview. If you remember something later in the conversation that you wanted to have said earlier, use it for another response. You can do it through a simple: “Is there something I would like to mention about…”.

Why is the interviewer asking this question?

There several ways to answer the question: “Why do you want to work with us?”, but a good answer will demonstrate your interest in the company, how your skills and experience can aligned with the position and your needs to satisfied in the job.

Think about the answer from the company’s perspective. She wants to hire someone who will add value from her position, focused on achieving business goals, and is eager to learn and develop in the role. The search process to find the right person can often be costly and time consuming, so the interviewer will want to be sure they have found the right candidate before presenting the job offer.

Finding out why you want the job, along with all the other questions you’ll be asked in an interview, will give the interviewer the information they need to make a decision.

Prepare your answer

Here are some considerations and questions for you to ask yourself so you can make sure you give the best answer:

Knowledge about the company and the position: Define exactly which aspects of the position your skills would a perfect fit and how you would benefit. Also, know what the company can offer you:

  • What stage of growth is the company in?
  • Has the company recently changed its product or service offering? If so, how could you add value to this process?
  • Is there any regulation in the industry or is it expected that there will be changes in the sector?

Validation of experience and examples of success:  one of the clearest indicators to achieve the position is to expose your previous successes and demonstrate that you can repeat them again:

  • Have you recently reached or even exceeded any of the goals you had in your current or previous job? How could you apply that knowledge or learning to the company you are applying to?
  • What industry or specialized knowledge have you applied successfully in the past and could transfer to your new job?
  • What challenges have you overcome and how?

What should you say?

Consider these recommendations as sample answers or basic elements. In each case, speak naturally and calmly, explaining why the job could contribute to you as a professional and how you could add value to the position and to the company.

  • “I see it as a way to progress in my professional career in an exciting/innovative/challenging company/sector…”.
  • “I feel like my skills could be a great fit for this job because…”
  • “I feel I have the knowledge (or other particular skill) to succeed in this position because…”
  • “I am very excited about this opportunity because I will be able to…”.

Examples of what you shouldn’t say

Below are some typical interview mistakes that could ruin your chances of moving on to the second stage of the recruitment process.

  • “I need a job”: showing that you are anxious and/or in need of getting the job, without showing that your profile can add any added value to the company, reflects a lack of interest.
  • “I’ve heard it pays well”: Even though pay is a key consideration, talking about pay very early in the interview, especially when it’s emphasized that money is your only motivation, reflects a certain amount of selfishness and greed.
  • “I see it as a stepping stone to a better job”: No manager expects their employees to stay with the company forever, but if you already have one foot out before you even get in, that can be a negative.

Because the vacant position is a great challenge for your professional experience

You have already reviewed the requirements that the company requests of the people who apply, you understand the demands and responsibilities of the vacancy and you know that you have the profile to be the candidate that will meet the objectives that the company expects, you also know that this position will allow you to Gain valuable work experience for your own growth.

Addressing this question from the aspect of job growth is a good way to establish that your professional project fits with that of the company.

 Because the business culture and its environment coincide with your values

Another way to show that you are the ideal person for the position is to explain that you share the ideals and values ​​of the company, in addition to the fact that the work environment is positive for you. This is a key aspect, as you show that what is important to the company is also essential to you. Confirming that you agree with the mission and vision of the company, the goals, the way in which the work is organized and the collaboration with the rest of the staff will give you many points.

Because you have been following the company closely for a long time, and you are excited about contributing to its growth

If you have been following the company that is interviewing you for a long time, it means that you really know what it does, you have tried it and you are aware of its successes and opportunities, as well as what you can contribute with your professional talent and experience as a client. -consumer-follower who sees it from outside.

Because you meet other employees of the company who are satisfied with the work and the environment

It possible that you found out about the vacancy thanks to a close person who works in the company and has given you information about the work you will do, the type of challenges you may face, the work environment, how internal conflicts are resolved , what the benefits you will get, etc (and that adapts to what you want to find in a job).

Remember that it is not about demonstrating that you came to the company thanks to a recommendation, but that you have heard anecdotes that excited you and made you think that you could join that team.

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