when marketing to consumers in the global population – Digital advertising is undoubtedly one of the jobs with the uppermost demand for professionals today. And it is that the rise of digital gears as a communication channel have led any company to need a marketing specialist. Let’s see which are the digital marketing jobs with the most demand.

Are you considering studying a Higher Degree in Marketing and Advertising ? Are you interested in this sector but don’t know which occupation within digital marketing will give you more work? We tell you about the digital marketing jobs with the most demand so that you can choose which digital marketing profile interests you the most.

Profiles in digital marketing with more demand

There are many specialties within digital marketing, and all with very good occupation opportunities. Keep in mind that, according to economic information from the Observatory of Advertising in Spain 2021 , the demand for Digital Marketing professionals continues to grow, which designates that companies are looking for digital marketing professionals to hire.

For all these reasons, defining the digital marketing professions with the most effort is not easy, since we would dare to say that they all are. Though, it is true that within digital marketing there are certain professional profiles that are more in demand than others. Here is a list of the jobs in digital marketing with the most demand :

Content Manager

What does it income to be a Gratified Manager? A Content Manager does not only need to write beautiful in digital channels. The job of the Content Manager is to develop and create multichannel content strategies through the different techniques of inbound advertising . And for this, it must be based on the marketing and sales objectives of the company, going through having a clear audience to which we want to address.

Social Media Manager

The importance of communication and digital marketing today means that any company needs a communication strategy in social networks, which is why the Social Media Manager is one of the jobs with the most demand in digital marketing . The function of the Social Media Manager is to prepare, create and plan the strategy of a brand or company in social media, through a digital marketing plan that serves as a guide to meet the objectives.

Media Planner

The figure of the Media Planner or Media Planner is very important in the world of digital marketing and his job is to decide which communication channels the company should consider in order to convey the most appropriate message and the one that will reach its target audience . There are many tasks for a Media Planner , but without a doubt he must know how to interpret audiences, in order to better focus his communication.

Data Analyst

The Data Analyst is a digital marketing professional who is responsible for analyzing data and reporting to the marketing and sales team. It is useless for the Social Manager or the Content Manager to dedicate themselves to generating content if they do not have metrics with which to validate whether or not they are going in the right direction. The Data Analyst profile is one of the most sought after digital marketing jobs, since they are key to any communication strategy.

Influencer Marketing

An Influencer Marketing is a person with a certain influence or social recognition capable of creating content that stands out among their community. As its name indicates, the Influencer must have the ability to influence many people in order to get their message across on masse. In recent years, Influencer Marketing has become one of the most demanded digital marketing jobs, and this professional has completely revolutionized the marketing and advertising sector.

SEO specialist

An SEO Specialist is that digital marketing professional whose purpose is to improve the visibility and positioning of your content , trying to get your web page to be found more easily in the first results of Google search engines (also Yahoo and Bing). The constant struggle to achieve better positions in these search engines makes this digital marketing professional one of the profiles with the most demand in the sector.

UX specialist

The UX designer or UX Design Specialist is the professional who is in charge of the experience that the user lives within our website or with our product . It is one of the professional outlets in digital marketing that is currently most in demand by companies, which seeks for the user to have a good experience when browsing, buying or acquiring any product or service. If a good user experience is achieved, a satisfied potential customer is reached, capable of repeating his purchase or recommending our brand or product to other users.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to study Marketing and Advertising , and not only to have a good job in digital marketing, but because it will allow you to keep up to date with the newest trends and digital tools, because you will become part of one of the professions with more professional demand and because you will have the opportunity to specialize in digital marketing in different areas of your interest.

Also, keep in mind that the Digital Marketing and Advertising sector is closely connected with other professions, so if, for example, you work in International Trade, your digital marketing studies will allow you to work as an International Marketing Technician . Undoubtedly, as we have been telling you, it is a very transversal profession that has a place in any professional sector.