Are marketing and advertising the same thing – The company’s digital marketing departments contribute to the acquisition and retention of subscribers or customers. Different roles can enhance the performance of a marketing team, which affects the overall success of a company. You can specialize in digital marketing to fill a specific role, and knowing the different types can help you decide which one is correct for you.

In this article we determination talk about the benefits of specializing in digital marketing , we will offer you some of them and we will give you some tips to choose.

Benefits of Specializing in Digital Marketing

One of the benefits of specializing in digital marketing is the ability to reach a broader audience in order to advertise and inform the public about the company’s products or services. Digital marketing uses different platforms and methods for different demographic groups. With the advent and development of digital media and marketing, specialization can help you develop expertise that allows you to focus on a specific area of ​​expertise.

Types of Specializations in Digital Marketing

The following are the types of specialization in digital marketing:


Analysts collect and evaluate marketing performance data based on product revenue and customer feedback . His work includes data trending, data history logging, and data validation. An analytics expert interprets web page data to find areas for improvement in digital marketing strategies.

audiovisual products

Audiovisual production specializes in creating graphics, visualizations, and sound bites for web pages and social media platforms . Including images or videos in your digital marketing materials is one way to create engaging ads for customers.

content management

Content management aims to create attractive, diverse and profitable content to promote a company’s products. A content manager is well-versed in copywriting, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

content writing

Content writers create written content for company web pages. They write about topics related to the services or products the company wants to advertise and use search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge to create content that appears in the first search results on the web.

Sending advertising

Email marketing is a useful tool for recruiting, converting, and managing customer bases. An email marketer analyzes data about email clicks, conversions, and signups to create compelling marketing emails.

Public relations

Public relations (PR) professionals develop marketing strategies, budgets, and reputation management. A public relations professional can communicate with internet influencers and other high-profile individuals.

Search Engine Optimization

A person who specializes in search engine optimization works to improve web pages and brand awareness. Search engine optimization research can show you how a search engine delivers search results and what aspects of content can help your pages rank in the top results.

 targeted advertising

Targeted advertising specialists study customer demographics to create advertising campaigns that retain existing customers and attract new ones. They work with other digital marketers to create campaigns to develop personalized marketing materials. You can use targeted advertising to grow your customer base into weaker demographics.

The 4 Marketing Professions with more projection and demand.

Every year, with several consultancies that prepare studies on the professions with the greatest demand in the world. And those prepared at the beginning of 2020 did not foresee something that is already evident: the rise of the professions in the health and care field, as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the marketing professions maintain their good prospects for the future , something that has remained more than stable for years. Therefore, in the following lines we stop at the specialties with the greatest output in this field, taking advantage of the fact that in EU Mediterrani we teach the Degree in Marketing and the Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing .

Marketing professions, a competitive necessity

It is no coincidence that marketing professions are among the most in demand today. It is proof that we are in an increasingly competitive economy, where the difference is made by originality and sophistication in products and services, as well as in the strategies to reach them effectively .

And within the marketing professions, special mention should be made of the online marketing professions, since the weight of the digital economy maintains a constant and unstoppable growth . For this reason, they occupy a prominent place in the following list with the four occupations most in demand in this sector.


Product Manager

It is one of the most required after positions by companies. It is a position of great responsibility and its functions and aptitudes are very varied. They emphasize the supervision and coordination of the marketing strategy of a specific product . Therefore, it has decision-making power over its design, the enhancement of certain aspects, its launch plan, the analysis of its results, etc.

 Digital Account Manager or digital account manager

He is a professional of online marketing agencies and is in charge of managing the digital strategy of a company-client and which in his slang is called ‘account’. The same manager can take care of several accounts at the same time. And if those accounts are the most important or sensitive to the agency, they may be called the Key Digital Account Manager . It is above the Product Manager, since within the same account there can be several associated products.

SEO and SEM consultants

They are experts in online search engine marketing (SEM) strategies and, especially, those aimed at achieving better natural positioning (SEO) , since this is one of the most important ways to acquire potential customers. Their work is carried out under the supervision of the Product Manager and the Digital Account Manager.

Big Data Marketing Manager

Big Data is one of the current keys to the digital economy. Knowing how to interpret large-scale data for the company’s own benefit can make a difference and, for this, there is a specific profile: the Big Data Marketing Manager. Although it is not yet as famous as other jobs, it is one of the marketing professions on the rise and helps to shape more precise, personalized and, ultimately, effective marketing strategies.