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Marketing Write For Us Marketing Guest Blog Submission

Marketing Write For Us – What is Digital Marketing? This is a buzzword that describes something that people are looking for to be successful on the internet. Many know what we are talking about, while others have only heard of it.

Therefore, it is expected that there are many questions about Digital Marketing and how, in reality, this concept is applied. Much of the confusion arises from the professionals, who do not develop the idea very well.

In addition, people from other areas use the expression as a synonym for earning quick money with little effort, which is a distortion. Fortunately, it is possible to find content like this, which seeks to deepen and clarify the subject.

1. What is Digital Marketing?

It is a set of strategies and tactics that coordinate the communication efforts of companies in the online world. These actions aim to connect with customers and attract and persuade them according to their preferences.

Therefore, it includes tasks and processes in virtual channels, management possibilities and monitoring of results.

One of the significant advantages of Digital Marketing is the possibility of measuring the results with various details and data generated by the systems used.

With it, you can analyze customer reactions, responses, behaviour, and the complete profile of your audience. This becomes fuel for new campaigns and ideas.

In short: it is marketing done through digital channels, including blogs, emails, social networks, messaging software and other platforms.

It is also a set of personalized, segmented and precise strategies allowing you to speak directly with people, according to more excellent knowledge about each of them.

It is essential to say that Digital Marketing is not a set of quick, isolated and channel-specific techniques that bring instant success. It is also not related to pyramid schemes and growing too fast.

 2. What is the target audience and the buyer persona?

In traditional marketing, the term target audience is ubiquitous. It consists of a group intended to be reached with communication actions, such as campaigns. It is defined as a range of characteristics, for example, a group of men 20 to 25 years old.

In managing a target audience, a certain level of precision is guaranteed but not too advanced. The company still maintains a degree of uncertainty.

A buyer persona, on the other hand, is an exemplary character. A specific profile of a person with ambitions, dreams, fears, pains and needs. It is the personification of a perfect customer buying from your company.

With this profile, the company can design better communication strategies with a greater capacity for personalization and segmentation. It is possible to speak directly with each person, as in a direct dialogue.

In Digital Marketing, both can be useful. For some campaigns, you may need a more general definition of the target audience, such as virtual ad campaigns on social media. For a blog or email, a buyer persona is generally used.

3. What is a keyword?

Without a doubt, one of the most relevant Digital Marketing questions. The keyword is the central term that defines the purpose and theme of content on the web. It is also a definition of the terms people search for in search engines.

The keyword is essential to classify and understand a text by search engines -like Google-. These tools use keyword analysis to display the best results to satisfy people’s searches.

That is, it represents the part of the text that the algorithms will understand to position the content in the results pages ( SERPs ). Therefore, the keyword must be managed intelligently from the beginning of content production.

In Digital Marketing, content construction processes are oriented to keywords since they define what customers want to know and what they are looking for.

4. How do I know what to write about?

To know what to blog about, you need to understand what people are looking for on the internet and align it with what your company intends to discuss so that both points are aligned. Bottom line: you need to do some keyword research.

By identifying what is being discussed and what is most searched for in a niche, you can get ideas on discussing topics and what to address in your productions.

In online marketing, you need to know what customers are talking about and in which direction the market will adapt and continue the conversation.

Another way to discover topic ideas is to study what competitors have been doing and compare strategies. With this tactic, you analyze what is being discussed in the market and look for an opportunity to differentiate yourself in some way to beat the competition in the SERPs.

5. What is the importance of social networks for companies?

In online marketing, social networks play a crucial role. You can get closer to your customers and better understand their behaviour with these spaces. It is possible to do what is called social listening: listen naturally to what your consumers are saying in their posts and conversations.

Social listening also includes analysis of what has been said about the brand so the company can adjust its tactics and improve its actions to sell a better image. With each campaign and decision, it is possible to visualize the effects on clients in an active listening process in the networks.

Understanding trends can also spark content ideas. The organization can keep up to date and join in the discussions.

In addition, social networks are a way to interact and dialogue directly with people in publications or private conversations.

The brand can build customer loyalty by offering attentive, agile, efficient and humanized service. It is feasible to answer questions, offer solutions and better understand the pain of each user.

6. What social networks should my company be on?

This is a million-dollar question. Many companies want to know quickly which networks to invest in to save time since there are several. It is a complex question that requires a well-constructed answer.

Initially, your business needs to be where your customers are. For this reason, it is imperative to know the profile of the people in each network and find out which are the favourite sites of your audience. Thus, you increase the chances of reaching the right contacts by communicating in these spaces.

However, this can be a somewhat limiting answer. It would be best if you also looked at the nature of your business and its goals with social media. If the focus is to make the most of these channels, it is interesting to be present in more networks and have an integrated strategy.

If the brand wants to develop more youthful and informal communication, the presence in the networks is an excellent way to put it into practice. In these channels, contact with people will be put to the test.

Depending on the level of informality of your communication, you can already filter some network options to focus on, for example:

  • on LinkedIn, companies generally assume a more neutral and formal tone;
  • on Instagram, they open up to informality;
  • on Facebook, it is widespread to use slang and a more humorous style.

Finally, we should mention that everything depends a lot on tests. In Digital Marketing, testing is essential to know how to adjust the results and in which direction to go. Your company can join a network, start a communication strategy there and then evaluate if the results were good; then, you can continue or not with a presence in that channel.

7. Does Digital Marketing bring quick results?

Another recurring Marketing question is about results. This questioning is fed a lot on social networks, with content created with the keyword “Digital Marketing”, but which, in reality, seeks to attract people with fast, bombastic and misleading results.

However, the question is more profound. In general, communication work in digital is long-term. It is a development that will bear consistency and fruit over time as the results studied and the strategies adjusted.

You will often create a more robust relationship network with customers to build loyalty and impact at the base. So there may not be a quick and direct return, but more people will know about the brand and its reputation.

This way, it can attract prospects/customers organically with referrals and conversations on social networks. In other words, working with Digital Marketing involves relationships and takes time.

By establishing consistency, the company ensures a strong presence on the web, where consumers , to get noticed and attract people to its offerings. Unlike social media and email, blogs take time to establish a reference voice.

It all depends on the wildlife of the niche itself. Short customer journeys for anShort customer journeys for agile sales characterize some industrieslyze each specific case.

The truth is that these strategies are, in fact, very profitable. After all, Digital Marketing defines how designs made according to the languages ​​used online, updated based on consumer preferences and the innovations of the modern world.

As we have seen, there are many doubts about Digital Marketing, its key concepts, results and how to do it. We broke down the top responses to better understand how to orchestrate a comprehensive strategy that delivers strong results.

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