What beauty products should be refrigerated – Outside or inside the fridge? Although this topic divides beauty lovers, here we will tell you the skincare products you should keep refrigerated.

When talking about facial care and the effects that some products can have on our skin, most of us think that we are actual authorities in skincare, and we ignore that the same thing that worked for you can affect another person; since each person’s dermis is different.

Understanding that point, we know that each of us has a beauty routine that allows us to have beautiful skin every day. There are thousands of products in the beauty field, and although we understand that we should not leave them in the bathroom, the new issue dividing beauty lovers is which skin care products go in the fridge and which ones are better left. Outside.

So if doubt has begun to invade you and you want to have incredible skin at all costs, it is better to move certain products to your refrigerator since this is the only way in which their components and substances have the best effect on your skin.

Why is it good to have products in the fridge?

There are times when storing your skincare products represents a huge challenge because as we buy masks, jade rollers or eye contour creams, it is almost impossible to find a place for them and protect them from dirt or dust.

Leaving them in the bathroom is not an option because of the whole field of bacteria that can increase; the “best place” where you can put a cream or skincare product is the refrigerator. The reason has to do with its operation and components; since many of these products  kept in optimal conditions thanks to the cold, this allows their users to more effective and their consistency fresher.

We interested in you taking care of your face like an expert, and in what you collect the money to buy that mini skincare fridge that you have already ordered, here we will tell you the products that you can keep in the refrigerator so that you can give that extra touch to your beauty routine.

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eye cream

The eye cream is one of the first products you should keep in a place where they do not have access to sunlight since this step it will increase its power to reduce swelling in that area of ​​the face, in addition to acting more quickly.

Facial tonic

Giving your skin a feeling of hydration is possible thanks to facial toners because, in addition to hydrating the skin of your face with their formulas, the facial toners that you keep in the refrigerator will allow you to experience a sensation of relaxation on your skin thanks to the low temperatures.

jade roller

Suppose you have already incorporated this tool into your skincare routine. In that case, you should know that the jade roller is essential to stimulate blood circulation in the face, drain toxins from the skin, and reduce puffiness.

Products with vitamin C and retinol

All the ones you have: masks, dermatological treatments, creams, and gels, must be in the fridge right now because the temperature will prolong their useful life and increase their effectiveness.

Refrigerating your beauty products does not extend their life, but it does allow them to remain in good condition from the moment you open them until their expiration ends. This applies to the products mentioned above and to organic masks or natural exfoliants since they contain perishable ingredients and do not contain preservatives.