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Automobile Write For Us – We are in the holiday season, and the number of trips on highways is growing considerably. Due to the above, it is necessary to certify the correct operation of your car to ensure your safety and that of others.

The five fundamentals of a safe car

The holiday season has begun, and many Chileans travel long distances to reach their favourite destinations. To avoid unforeseen events as much as possible, it is mandatory to have the car in optimal condition. Five axes make up the manual for a safe and reliable vehicle.

In addition to safety, there is another powerful argument that will motivate you to keep your car up to date in all sections: efficiency.

What are the five most important elements to review?


Fundamental foThe mtstakbbfee the entire system’s status is statusless of whether they are disc or drum brakes. It is unnecessary to wait for them to ‘shiver’, much less let this continue, since this could be ar they are disc or drum brakes. R safety on board. You have to constantly checbrake fluid level fluid, in addition to changing it at least once a year. In additionmumustontinually check the wear of the parosed to friction. If the pads, discs, or brake callipers have any wear, you can identify if the car feels unstable when you step on the brake. The same if it presents any vibration, squeaks or knocks.


First, for the engine to function correctly, the spark plugs and the air filter must be in perfect condition. Also, the block should always be well-lubricated. This ensures that each part operates efficiently and thus avoids excessive friction (there will always be friction) that wears them out prematurely.

It is essential to have the oil level to the maximum and change it preferably every 10 thousand kilometres. When making the change, it is necessary that the lubricant is of good quality and that it adheres to the requirements of your car (which one is specified in the maintenance manual).


Fundamental when it comes to keeping the car controlled and stable. Also, when it comes to levelling the impacts that are generated when the road is irregular. They help the tire stay attached to the ground and, dire ctly ,influence safety.


They are necessary to ensuemakingkingol and acceleration, making them a central element. It is recommended to review them at least once a month. The level of wear should also be checked a little more sporadically. According to the Mechanical Engineer from the University of Chile, Cristián Schaad, this point is essential. At high speeds, a failure in a compound can have fatal consequences, which is why the professional advises “always having the tires in good condition and inflated to the correct pressOnOn, on the other he adds hahe adds nd, that many accidents are caused by a lack of visibility in the cabin, so having the passenger compartment decongested is a great help.


Last but not least the five points to take into account is the bodywork, which not only refers to the aesthetic plane of a car. This must accommodate the load and the occupants of the vehicle in such a way that it is sealed from the outside. In addition, it is a significant variablIIt is highly recommended to washghly recommended to was defining thewax of a car. Wahing waxr withspecial materials, ane times a year is highly recommended.

In addition to the starter motor , spark plugs , lights and other applications of an electronic nature require electrical power. CaIn addition to the starter motor , spark plugs , lights and other applications of an electronic nature need electrical power battery: basic fundamentals

A car battery is its power source. Often rectangular and box-shaped, the battery is the storehouse of electricity a vehicle needs to start tture require electrical power. But what is a battery made of? And how does it work?

What is a car battery?

On the outside, a car battery looks like a boring plastic block Because the inside of the battery buses a chemical solution (usually sulfuric acid) and several layers of lead plates and lead dioxide that react with the acid to create energy. with a few connectors on top . But that polypropylene outer shell is pretty tough and generally acid resistant. Likewise, it protects the complex internal workings and the materials from which i with the acid to create energy.

How is a car battery structured?

In combination with the materials just described and the reason why they are so heavy, a car battery is structured around two elements:

  • Positive electrode:In a lead-acid battery, the definitely emotional plate (active e material) consists of lead oxide (PbO2) that is immersed in an electrolyte.This is used to contain the active these cells in a casing with a labyrinth system that prevents unwanted leaks. These cells are in a casing with a labyrinth system that prevents unwanted leaks. These cells are in a casing with a labyrinth system that prevents unwanted leaks. These cells are in a casing with a labyrinth system that prevents unwanted leaks. l and as a current collector.
  • A common rule of thumb in any such battery is the more plates a cell contains, and therefore form a larger surface area, the more cold cranking power the battery can deliver. Though, if the space in the cell is used for fewer but thicker plates, the stability of the cycle increases, w that prevents unwanted leaks.

How does a car battery work?

  • As we said, a cordless car stores energy in chemical form and changes it into electrical energy. In this electrochemical process, there are four materials reacting with each other: hydrogen (H), oxygen (O 2), lead (Pb) and sulfur (S) . The connection of an external consumer initiates the chemical reaction in the battery, as we will see below:
  • The electrolyte, that mixture of sulfuric acid (H 2SO 4 ) and distilled water, breaks down into positively emotional hydrogen ions (H+) and negatively charged sulfate ions (SO 4 2-). At the same time, the electrons (2e-) travel from the bad to the positive electrode through the external consumer. To compensate for this flow of electrons, sulfate ions travel from the electrolyte to the negative electrode,

The powertrain of an electric car

  • Electric motors deliver their maximum torque at any speed. Therefore, they do not need a gearbox with different ratios. In theory, it would be enough to directly link the engine to the drive shaft. However, in practice, a reduction gear with a ratio of approximately 10:1 is used, ie ten turns of the motor are transformed into one turn of the transmission shaft. Driving is similar to that offered by an automatic transmission; all you have to do is select the “D” position of the transmission and enjoy exhilarating dynamics.

electric car battery

  • The battery of an electrical car consists of several cell modules. The more modules it has, the greater its capacity to store energy and the greater the autonomy. Today’s batteries have a “pouch cell” design similar to cell phone batteries. In addition to this high-voltage battery dedicated to traction, the 12 V battery dedicated to powering electrical devices is also preserved.

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