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Engineering Write For Us – Do you want to know what engineering is? How important is it? What are its various applications and utilities? Dare to answer all these questions with us

Due to this, a large amount of scientific and technological knowledge is included, contributing to creation, innovation, and technological progress.

What are the basics of engineering?

Engineering lays its foundations in various disciplines that allow it to quantify and understand the phenomena that exactly exist in the world exactly, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. All these are basic sciences for understanding the human being and his environment. Currently, economics, social sciences, and administrative sciences have come to have great weight in this applied area.

How is Engineering conceived?

Engineering can be conceived as an intermediate between science and the environment that surrounds human beings. In this way, it is understood as a form of human expression in which, through practical and theoretical knowledge, creation is given that shows the needs, thoughts, and ideals of civilization.

If we compare with the professions that work directly in the pure sciences, such as biologist, physicist, or chemist, we can understand that an engineer’s job is to make and create solutions; on the contrary, that of the engineers. Scientists are to conduct studies on science and publicize the fruits of their studies.

Beginnings of Engineering

Since ancient times, there has been a single branch of this discipline in Western society. In it, two ramifications converged that today have a clear separation. The first was related to the construction of fortifications, traps, bridges, siege weapons, and other components of war campaigns, what we know today as military . The second branch covered all kinds of civil constructions, such as bridges, temples, buildings, palaces, and aqueducts, which have been classified as civil engineering.

Empirically, Mathematical, arithmetic, and physical knowledge were successfully applied to large structures and constructions such as El Faro de Alejandría, the Roman Coliseum, and the Segovia aqueduct in Spain, among others.

The separation

It was not until the 18th century that the first societies of civil engineers were founded, giving rise to the separation of these disciplines, clearly splitting into two: the already existing military and civil engineering.

The steam machine

The appearance of steam engines in England gave rise to mechanical engineering, which focused on designing, optimizing, and managing machines to facilitate industrial processes and the conception of new industries.

the electron

Thanks to this use of machines and electricity production, electrical engineering was born, in charge of the supply and service of electrical energy for various purposes. This was based on the principles of the voltaic pile of Alessandro Volta. Thanks to multiple inventions such as the electric light bulb, the thermionic valve, and the transistor, it is today one of the most popular forms of engineering.

There is Chemistry between Engineering

Chemical engineering was also born, in charge of distilling chemical compounds and producing food compounds and medicines, among others, taking advantage of the developing research on chemistry around Europe.

These four ramifications have allowed the advancement of the human being, and with time, new engineering has been appearing, adopting new scientific discoveries worldwide.


By putting engineering and science at our fingertips to solve our needs and provide us with multiple benefits, it has many utilities and applications.

micro perspective

We can see the fruits of engineering in multiple forms in our daily lives. For example, when we open the faucet, we see an application of civil and environmental .

When we turn on our cell phones, we witness a synergy between systems , computer , and electronics. Opening our fridge, we look for a bag of jam and open it; we can see a mix of chemical and food engineering, among many other applications and examples.

macro perspective

From a macro perspective, allows complex transport processes to be carried out; through ships, naval , airplanes, aeronautical engineering, automobiles, automotive , and transportation, in general, transportation .

The updating of existing companies to new technologies and the optimization of their processes, thanks to systems , the production of large amounts of energy through nuclear engineering, or the recirculation and maximum use of it, such as the use of biogas in environmental .


The engineering practice has agencies responsible for inspecting good practices internationally. In Colombia, the body in charge of the control, inspection, and surveillance of the exercise of engineering and its related professions is the National Professional Council of (OPNIA).


Engineering is a profession that uses scientific knowledge to transform ideas into action. The specialty that is taught with more intensity depends on each orientation. But since engineering works with the real world, physics and chemistry are common to all careers, together with the mathematics that serves to model the phenomena studied. Unlike the pure sciences, whose objective is knowledge for knowledge’s sake, is based on the application of

Skills Required for Engineering

To develop in the engineering world, interest and aptitude towards basic sciences and mathematics are required, as the ability to apply them to practical problems, visualize relationships, describe them in words, and interpret results in terms of goals. But fundamentally, an analytical mind, creativity, and common sense are required. Engineering education aims to release, develop and train these abilities and aptitudes.

Functions of the Engineer

  1. Research: Search for new knowledge and techniques, study, and in the workplace.
  2. Development: Use of new knowledge and techniques.
  3. Design: Specify the solutions.
  4. Production: Transformation of raw materials into products.
  5. Construction: Bring the design solution to reality.
  6. Operation: Maintenance and administration process to optimize productivity.
  7. Sales: Offer services, tools, and products.
  8. Administration: Participate in problem-solving. Planned, organized, scheduled, directed, and controlled all engineering works’ construction and industrial assembly.

Some types of Engineering

Among the branches into which engineering is divided, we can find:

Computer engineering

To know what Computer Engineering is, it is necessary to consider that it works hand in hand with other branches, such as electronics and telecommunications. It focuses on the design, development, implementation, and operation of computer systems capable of satisfying an organization’s needs with a focus on security, quality, and reliability.

A study by the My Future portal shows that Computer Engineering is among the careers that currently pay the best salaries for its professionals. Regarding the occupational field, graduates can work in commercial areas, consulting, management, production, etc.

Civil Engineering

What is studied in Civil Engineering? Mainly the design and construction of public works, such as buildings, transportation routes, and services, among other structures. However, the term “civil” was born to differentiate it from military engineering and is applied to other disciplines, such as:

  • Electronic Civil Engineering.
  • Civil Engineering in Data Science.
  • Civil Engineering in Computing with a mention in Computer Science.
  • Civil Engineering in Mechanics.
  • Industrial Civil Engineering.

All these careers focus on developing technologies, solutions, and infrastructures whose function or purpose depends on the field in which they are faced.

industrial engineering

What does Industrial Engineering do? It focuses on the design and execution -in addition to its optimization- of organizational systems, integrating a high level of technology to offer solutions to complex problems in each organization.

In this way, graduates can occupy various factors, such as supply chain management, logistics and distribution, systems control, security, and human resources.

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