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Pregnancy Write For Us Guest Blog Submission

Pregnancy Write For Us – Pregnancy , of course, is not a disease, but it does have its symptoms, although the truth is that each woman manifests itself in a different way. The intensity of pregnancy symptoms also differs in women. Not everyone feels the same and in the same way. The pregnant woman is unique. At we explain how and when to know if you are pregnant .

The first symptoms you will experience if you are pregnant

During pregnancy, our body changes radically. The revolution of hormones produced by pregnancy cause symptoms that we have rarely experienced before. Beyond the morning discomfort, nausea and lack of periods that can be a sign of a possible pregnancy, there are other symptoms that can indicate that in a few months you will be a brand new mom .

Next, we will tell you what the first symptoms of pregnancy are, so that you are prevented and can enjoy this news in the best way.

Delay or absence of menstruation

Obviously, the clearest symptom of pregnancy is the absence of menstruation. You must be careful since many women have bleeding on the same date that their period should come down, however, this may be implantation bleeding . You will differentiate it because it only lasts 1 or 2 days and is much milder Skin

Smells and flavors change (for better and for worse)

If you suspect that you are pregnant , it is normal that you smell things that you may not have noticed before and that many foods that you used to like to eat now taste bad and even make you nauseated, while others that you never wanted now seem delicious.

different vaginal discharge

One of the most noticeable changes that occur during pregnancy is the change in vaginal discharge . It usually turns milky and whitish in color . Keep in mind that if it has a bad smell or itches, it is better that you consult your gynecologist, as it may be an infection that is easily solved.

Symptoms similar to those of the rule

The abdominal pain that is felt, similar to that of menstruation , is another symptom that can give us an indication that we are pregnant. It is usually located in the lower stomach and is described as dull and continuous. Keep in mind that if you suspect that you are pregnant, it is best to consult an obstetrician before taking any painkiller because any pill you take outside of those allowed by the gynecologist can harm your baby.

your uterus grows

Obviously, you will not notice this with the naked eye , but you will realize that it happens because you will feel stinging and cramping in this particular area. It’s painful, I know, but it will soon pass and you will have a perfect pregnancy. If you feel that the pain is too much and you suspect that you may be pregnant, do not hesitate and visit your gynecologist or obstetrician as soon as possible.

Your breasts increase in size… and they hurt a lot

Many women notice that their breasts increase in size during their periods. This also happens during pregnancy, because of hormones! Exactly, when we get pregnant, our body receives an extra overload of hormones that affects a large number of organs. The breasts, precisely, are one of those organs. Its size increases and we feel pain at the simple touch of the nipples. This is usually one of the first signs, as our body prepares for lactation from the first weeks of pregnancy. Also, don’t be surprised if you notice a drop of milk coming out of your nipples, this is absolutely normal. And it is also common for the areola of the nipple to become a darker color.

Vertigo and dizziness

Our body prepares to house a baby for 40 weeks. One of the mechanisms it uses for this is the delivery of blood to the placenta and uterus. This, as a consequence, can cause low blood pressure problems, which causes a drop in blood pressure that leads to dizziness , vertigo and even fainting on some occasions

Other symptoms that you may feel throughout your pregnancy

For better or for worse, the symptoms of pregnancy do not end in the first months, but rather increase or add to others. The woman’s body is creating a new life inside her and that means many changes and sensations :

Nausea and vomiting during the early morning hours

This is an unmistakable symptom of pregnancy (as long as you don’t have any intestinal or gastric disease). Although it is a symptom that appears in the morning, this does not mean that it ALWAYS occurs at that time. As a mom I can tell you that, in one of my pregnancies, nausea occurred at any time (yes, I know… they are the beauties of pregnancy). This discomfort, which may or may not be accompanied by vomiting, occurs due to the hormonal revolution that occurs in our body when the oocyte is implanted in the uterus.

Gas, stomach heaviness and constipation

Another of the symptoms that can occur in pregnancy are gastric problems. I say ‘may be’ because not all pregnant women suffer from it. The main reason for this is that the body produces a high degree of progesterone, which leads to poor digestion. Try to eat foods with fiber to help your intestine work better and don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

The cravings!

Do you have desires to eat things that never in your life would have crossed your mind? Welcome to cravings ! These can also be a symptom of pregnancy. Like all of the above, the reason is hormonal changes. One piece of advice that I can give you is that, although from time to time it is good to treat yourself, you must not neglect your diet, as this can cause problems in the future.

Constant desire to go to the bathroom to urinate

Yes, we know that during the last months of pregnancy , as the uterus compresses the bladder, the need to urinate both day and night is constant. However, this can also be an early sign that our body is already carrying a little baby. It is important that, if this happens to you, you are very careful with the hygiene of your private parts to avoid possible urinary infections.

You are very sleepy throughout the day

I am the mother of three daughters and in each pregnancy it was the same: I was always sleepy and I fell asleep at any time and in any place. This, as my obstetrician once explained to me, was mainly due to increased progesterone levels, which cause a feeling of constant tiredness . Fortunately, this fatigue subsides as the pregnancy progresses and the fatigue disappears.

Do you feel a stuffy or stuffy nose?

Nasal stuffiness and the sensation of congestion may be due to the increase in the size of the mucous membranes. This, as you must have thought, is due to the hormones that make their own in our body.

Other less common symptoms but which usually appear in some pregnant women are bleeding gums and nose and also excess saliva. It is in this last case that you should visit the dentist to avoid the appearance of cavities and the loss of dental pieces.

Humor changes

Many women feel a great emotional swing . One moment they feel very happy and, after a while, they are sad and crying non-stop! Unfortunately, hormones make us feel like this… This lasts for a short time, because as the months go by, our character softens and the hormones settle, stopping bringing us so many disorders.

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