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Beauty Write For Us – Your skin needs you to pamper it, especially that of the face, which is frequently exposed to pollution, sun rays and aggressive products. Other aspects, such as a good diet and a healthy lifestyle, help naturally delay ageing, prevent various skin problems and have a smooth and healthy face.

Just as you take care of your interior with healthy habits, it is also necessary to do it on the outside. It is essential to be clear about some good practices when taking care of your beauty. A vital ally is a makeup, both to go to the office and to go out with friends or your partner; taking care of how you use cosmetic products is essential.

Today we are going to give you a hand with some beauty tricks that will surely be very useful in your daily routine to look more beautiful:

1. How to maintain a smoother face?

Home remedies are the desired ones because they are cheap, and you can put them into practice at any time. For smoother skin, we suggest that every week, while you shower, gently massage your skin with a horsehair glove; this will help remove dead cells and activate and improve circulation.

2. Store makeup in the fridge

This is a recommended practice since low temperatures reduce the elements’ expiration time and better preserve the additives and compounds of the cosmetics. Most beauty laboratories agree that cold keeps the active ingredients in cosmetic products for longer.

3. Moisturizes, nourishes and repairs your hair

Since ancient Greece, olive oil has been used as a personal hygiene product and for massage, but did you know about its benefits for hair? The easiest way is to massage the scalp and gradually extend it to the rest of the hair. This way, the oil penetrates the hair fibres, which absorb the nutrients. Following the massage, you should do a thorough washing to remove any remaining oil so that the hair does not remain greasy.

4. Take care of all your skin

Daily cleaning and waxing can affect your skin, so treat it gently; keep in mind:

  • Hot water removes natural oils from the skin, so limit time in the bath.
  • Drying your skin should also be done carefully, gently tapping so that some moisture remains on the skin.
  • When you shave, use lotion and run the razor in the course that the hair grows.

5. Reduces the puffiness of dark circles

Prepare paper and pencil and take note: red lipstick. First, apply a little red lipstick with a small brush over the dark circle area. Then, blend it with the help of it, take a concealer for dark circles and apply it to them with small touches with your finger and, finally, apply the makeup base that you use all over the face, focusing on the area of ​​the dark circles, but also applying it by light tapping with your fingers. Works!

6. Exfoliation on the lips

Do you want to show off your smile? Try it! There is a straightforward trick to exfoliate the lips. A little sugar and water are enough to rub the lips and leave them soft and flawless.

7. The end of blackheads

To put an end to these annoying points to get rid of blackheads and avert them from reappearing, you must treat the problem from its origin, and that goes through daily in-depth cleaning. It would be best to wash your face every morning and every night with soap or gel that helps unclog pores and kills bacteria.

These are just some of the tricks that, if you do them regularly, will give you many aesthetic and health benefits while also impacting your well-being. Do not forget that you can complement these practices with visits every six months to a dermatologist. At the Colmédica Medical Centers*, you can request your appointments privately.

beauty trends

If we had to put a couple of adjectives to everything new that comes, they would be dazzling and groundbreaking. And it is that in terms of brightness, the jewels prevail this time… on eyelids, on piercings (read more about this later) and if it is a question of breaking with the usual, wait to see what awaits us with the Mohican cut or the Octopus cut, two of the searches that have doubled in the last days of 2021. Don’t worry; there will also be room for proposals for much more relaxed hairstyles or impeccable and elegant manicures.

Turn up the shine: the jewellery trend in beauty.

Again, the culprits are generation Z, who want to get away from everything predictable and bet on what is NOT traditional. I eat? Adding shine and radiance in hitherto unexplored areas. We are talking about the boom in gems on the teeth (they tell Rosalía), the crystals on the eyelids (if the classic eyeliner has crossed your mind, it has become a competitor…), and attention because implants and piercings with jewels, they come stomping.

What is a microdermal implant?

They are also known as microthermal perforations; They are a kind of piercing that is not 100% piercing but rather a “body modification” that consists of inserting a specific piece of this into the skin. It looks like a piercing, but it’s a single dead-end piercing on the skin’s surface.

And be careful because if your nails are elaborate, the search for “pedicure with rhinestones” has increased by 150%. Will it be the summer of 2022 when our feet will be the next centre of attention…?

Manicure trends: 2022 and landscapes

A heline is enough to know what will be next in your nails. What do you think if we say the word “landscape”? Indeed, the fever for works of art on the nails is rising: from the northern lights to the constellations or geodes. 2022 promises a new way of reading hands… through manicures.

galaxy nails

This search has increased by 115%. We are talking about the manicure that transfers the universe to your hands. Innovate with your nails but go for ideas on dark backgrounds (black, midnight blue, purple…) and white and glitter details that remind you of starry nights.

aurora borealis nails

If you haven’t been to the Polar Circle, don’t worry because you’ll transfer this fantastic spectacle to your nails next year without stepping on the North Pole. The black-blue-purple-green gradients so characteristic in the sky of these areas will be the ones that prevail with this inspiration in the manicure.

ocean acrylic nails

It will not be necessary to wait for summer because the ocean will want to move to your manicure before the holidays. Either through blues with gradients and details reminiscent of the seabed or with touches of glitter and fuchsia tones that turn you into a mermaid. You choose.

desert nails

Yes, the desert will also serve as inspiration to decorate your manicure next year. From the classic cactus to minimalist designs where the tones will be the protagonists: earth tones, oranges, greens, reddish…

Geode effect nails

The gems will also be reflected in the nail design of 2022 through spectacular shapes, colours and effects on acrylic nails. The details in rose quartz, gold, and marbled white… will drive you crazy.

Hair trends: 2022 and the rebellious cuts

We leave behind the year when the layered haircut has established itself as one of the favourites (let the bob hair forgive us ). Of course, we have taken it with precautions, going little by little, with soft layers… but in 2022, the layers return… and in what way.

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