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Car Write For Us – In India and several countries worldwide, the Bajaj Qute is marketed as a small vehicle 2.75 meters long with which the Indian company Bajaj seeks to leap compared to the well-known ‘motorcars’ in terms of comfort, safety and availability of space.

How is the Bajaj Quote?

In a tiny body of just 2.75 meters long by 1.31 meters wide and 1.65 meters high, this vehicle looks like a hatchback that can carry four people inside. According to the brand, the Bajaj Qute offers the economy of a motorcycle but with more excellent safety and comfort for its passengers, also certifying an average consumption of 125 km/gallon.

Although it is sold as a private vehicle in some countries, its commercial orientation points to fleets and urban taxi services, making it very clear that it is a car for the city and its circulation on high-speed roads is not recommended. This is because its speed is limited to a maximum of 70 km/h

Mechanical Aspects

Configured to meet European quadricycle standards, the Bajaj Qute is powered by a small four-stroke, four-valve, single-cylinder engine with a rear triple spark plug system. With 217 ccs, it reaches up to 13.27 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and torque of 19.6 Nm at 4,000 rpm, associated with a five-speed manual gearbox and reverse that brings power to the rear train.

The front suspension is independent with a double-arm system, while the rear is independent with a coil spring and semi-trailing arm. The braking system uses four 180 mm diameter drums, while the tires are 135/70 R12.

General Equipment

You cannot expect great luxuries in the Bajaj Quote. Its finishes are rustic, and its endowment includes a single analogue control panel in the centre of the dashboard, a linear drive gear lever on the dashboard, a defroster, handles on the roof, and a 12-volt connector and an MP3 audio system with USB inputs. And assistant.

Inside there is no air conditioning or ventilation grills, so this comfort addition is not available or as an option. In the basic models, the sliding glass windows are replaced by plastic covers, as in the Renault Twizy. So, don’t even think about central locking, electric windows or any similar accessory.

And security?

Airbags or ABS brakes are not included. The brand argues for safety, mentioning that this quadricycle is built on a monocoque steel structure, including front and rear seat belts.

The Euro NCAP organization conducted a crash test in April 2016 to verify the level of safety offered by the vehicle in question. The result yielded a one-star rating due to the absence of elements that contribute to security, such as airbags. However, the structure of the car remained intact.

The price

Currently, the Bajaj Qute is not sold in Colombia but in some Latin American countries such as Peru, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Thus, while in India, this car can be purchased for 200,000 rupees, equivalent to about $9,200,000 Colombians, in Peru, it is available for $6,000, about $18,000,000 Colombians.

In this case, it is necessary to mention that an Auteco Bajaj Torito RE motorcycle equipped with a canvas roof and doors, a 2019 model and zero kilometres, can be purchased today in Colombia for $14,899,000.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Length: 2.75 meters
  • Width: 1.31 meters
  • Height: 1.65 meters
  • Wheelbase: 1.92 meters
  • Height to the ground: 18 centimetres
  • Empty weight: 389 kilograms
  • Tank Capacity: 2.11 gallons
  • Trunk capacity: 191 litres, expandable to 850 litres

The new landscape at the Ford plant in India

Although Ford will not continue manufacturing automobiles, it will continue the production of engines for the Ranger pick-up dedicated to export markets. Eventually, these processes cease, and Tata intends to continue with its employees.

Regarding the centre’s projections in the hands of Tata Motors, the increase in production capacity by 300,000 units per year is included, with a foreseeable expansion to 420,000 copies. The project, according to its plans to launch seven new electric vehicles in 2025.

Is a Formula 1 car or an IndyCar faster?

The top speed achieved by an IndyCar car is around 235mph (378km/h) with twin-turbocharged 2.2-litre V6 engines, while for a current F1 car, it’s about 205mph (329km/h). with turbocharged 1.6-litre V6 hybrid engines, although in 2019, both Sebastian Vettel and Sergio Pérez managed to hit 359 km/h at Monza and Mexico City, respectively.

How much horsepower do IndyCar cars and Formula 1 car have?

According to the data on its website, the IndyCar single-seaters have between 550 and 700 CV, depending on the extra they apply to the turbo (turbo boost). On the other hand, F1 engine manufacturers tend to be quite reticent regarding the details of how powerful their machinery is. In 2019, Renault announced that it had reached 1000PS, combined from the internal combustion engine and hybrid systems, and Mercedes and Ferrari later surpassed that barrier.

What aids are available in F1 than IndyCar?

Since 2011, F1 has used DRS to negate the aerodynamic disadvantage of being too close to another car and to encourage overtaking. The system allows a vehicle less than a second behind another to lift a section of the rear annexe on designated straights to create an opening that improves aerodynamic efficiency and enable the car to perform as it would without the disadvantage of rolling down—Dirty air.

What audience do F1 and IndyCar have? Which is more followed?

Being a national (American) category, IndyCar’s television audience is much smaller than that of F1, which is global. In 2019, IndyCar attained an average audience of 5.45 million viewers per race on all channels affiliated with NBC, the official broadcaster of the category. By comparison, F1’s average viewership over the past year was 91.5 million globally, the highest cumulative viewership since 2012. However, viewing for both types increased by 9% compared to 2018 figures.

What are the differences between the IndyCar and F1 qualifying formats?

For all F1 races, qualifying is divided into three heats known as Q1, Q2 and Q3. All the drivers compete in the 18-minute Q1 session, and the five who set the slowest times are eliminated there and go from 16th to 20th in Sunday’s race. The remaining 15 battle it out in Q2 to achieve one of the top 10 times to go into Q1. In the last round of qualifying, Q3, the drivers compete for the pole position and front part for Sunday’s grid.

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