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Hosting Write For Us – Accommodation is one of the highest trip costs. It is essential if you are a traveller who goes to mid-range or high-end hotels. With this in mind, knowing how to find cheap hotels or the best prices and offers for the type of accommodation you are looking for is vital.

Nowadays, with pages like Booking or Airbnb,gettingommodation on the internet. There were straightforwards nothing to do with those times when you had to get recommendations from travel guides, from internet pages that recommended hotels without reviews that you could trust, or even making reservations when you arrived at your destination.

Use a suitable search method. Do not waste eternal time looking for hotels

The same can happen with hotels if you spend days and days looking for the best combinations and prices to find cheap flights. Stick to a practical method and don’t waste more time than necessary looking for cheap hotels. Remember: your time is also worth money.

My method is the following:

  1. I search for my destination and booking dates by applying the filters that interest me.
  2. Among the filters that I apply: those of price, location, type of accommodation, and some more like a pool if I am interested, and above all, I put that the ratings are from 8 and up.
  3. As I have previously filtered by price, I make the web show me the hotels from the best rating to the worst.
  4. I open several windows and discard the ones I like the least until I have a small selection.
  5. If I don’t find anything interesting, I change the filters.

They are not the only ones. The following are the best:

To book hotels

Booking: The best and undisputed leader. The one I use the most.
Hotels: A strong competitor. I do not use it.
Agoda: The strongest in many Asian destinations and growing for the rest of the world. I use it, and I love it.
Expedia: I don’t use it.


Hotelscombined: The one I like the     .
Trivago: I also often watch it.

Para hostels It is also a leader in this segment.
Hostelworld: The best alternative to booking
Hostelbookers: It had its moment of glory in the past, but now I see it in the doldrums.

For villas and apartments

Airbnb: The leader and the one I use the most.
Booking: Every time, they have more offers. It is generally more expensive than Airbnb.
HomeAway: Also a robust portal, especially in some specific destinations.
Wimdu: An alternative when all else fails you.


Couchsurfing: Free accommodation in private homes.
Last minute: Specialized in last-minute deals.
Roomers: Reserve rooms that others cannot use.
Home exchange: Home exchange

Avoid high season

That is pure common sense. You will get better prices if you avoid travelling when everyone else does.

Although it is not so pleasant to visit cities in the dead of winter when it is cold and the days are shorter or to visit destinations affected by rains and monsoons, the savings of doing it in the low season are considerable.

You can also look for a compromise. For example, in Europe, you travel comfortably in months like April/May or September/October, avoiding July and August, in which hotel prices are impossible.

Be flexible with your travel days.

Travelling a few days before or after can be vital in finding cheap hotels. Depending on the destination you visit, prices will vary greatly depending on the day of the week.

In many tourist cities, prices are lower during the week than at the weekend. In others, the opposite is the case. For example, in Brussels, you can find excellent offers during the weekend.

The Belgian capital, the headquarters of the European Institutions, receives a considerable number of business travellers and representatives of governments and various institutions on weekdays.

This makes it easier to find cheap hotels during the weekend when there is less demand, especially in Brussels neighbourhoods such as the European or Ixelles (favourites among business travellers).

Control the usual days of entry and exit of tourists

On the other hand, in sun and beach holiday destinations where renting villas is very common (and recommended), it is common for many properties to be marketed by the week and set a specific entry day to avoid gaps between reservations.

I rent a villa in Menorca on Airbnb, which is the method I use. You will only find my estate in the listings if you are looking for a Saturday as the day of entry, with the most significant influx of scheduled and charter flights.

Extend your stay

By extending your days of stay, it is possible that you will find better offers per day in some establishments or that you will find offers such as… book three nights and we will give you one free night of stay.

Other times, as I have already mentioned, it is possible that some sites require a certain number of days to accept reservations.

Another example is during the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan (Thailand), many hotels and youth hostels require a minimum stay of 3 or 4 nights to accept clients.

Instead of a hotel, why don’t you consider staying in an apartment?

In recent years I have increasingly opted to stay in apartments, especially in cities like Rome or Amsterdam, where it is almost impossible to find cheap hotels more or less centrally located.

Generally, you get better prices and more space by renting an apartment on Airbnb or booking. You also have all the facilities to save something by having breakfast or making a meal in the apartment.

Of course, if you travel with your family or in a group, renting an apartment or a house with several rooms is more worthwhile than several hotel rooms.

Stay in a hostel

Fortunately, I stopped being a low-cost traveller a long time ago. While I occasionally stay in cheap guest houses and the occasional modest hotel, I no longer stay in shared dormitory beds, Couchsurfing, or other ultra-cheap options.

However, if you don’t mind sharing a room, staying in a hostel is one of the best ways to save on accommodation. In addition, hostels give you that interesting social touch that allows you to meet people.

On the other hand, hostels do not only offer beds in shared dormitories. Many also offer single rooms with their bathroom, as in any standard hotel, but generally cheaper.

Give up being in the centre of the city.

The usual thing is that the hotels in the most central and tourist areas are the most expensive in the city. By moving away from the centre, you can often get substantial price reductions in exchange for sacrificing just a few minutes on public transport a day.

A paradigmatic example is Amsterdam. It is incredible how the hotels located in the neighbourhoods outside the main ring of canals, which delimits the most central area of ​​the city, drop so much in price.

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