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Microsoft Write For Us Guest Blog Submission

Microsoft Write For Us – Whether you’re an industry expert or just starting, looking for a job can be stressful. But we’ve covered you, from creating the perfect resume to preparing for interviews. Choose the items you need or use them all; the choice is yours.

Perfect your brand

Simply put, personal branding is how others see you. It is the combination of all your qualities and competencies, together with your achievements and your presentation. Learn how to define and develop your brand. Use it anywhere from your resume to your social profiles. You can also use customizable logos and color schemes to keep these documents consistent in appearance.

Create a resume that stands out

Stand out from the crowd with a resume that showcases your talent, passion, and personality. The summary is much more than employment history: it is a way to show your achievements and the value you can bring to a company.

A compelling resume is essential, even if you only have limited professional experience. Learn more about the latest tips for recent graduates

Write a stellar cover letter.

The cover letter should complement your resume and make it known. Use the cover letter to show how your talent and experience can solve a problem or drive results in your future company.

A well-written cover letter can grab the attention of hiring managers and help you stand out from the crowd.

Back up your resumes and cover letters

After working hard to create a stellar resume and cover letter, the last thing you need is to lose your content. Therefore, you should also ensure you have good records of where you have applied and spoken to.

When you save essential files like resumes, cover letters, and job applications in the cloud with OneDrive, you can access them from any device and quickly share them with businesses.

Connect like a professional

Landing a new job isn’t just about what you know; it’s about what you know and how you stand out. Learn how to harness the control of your networking and LinkedIn, showcase your experience, connect with hiring managers, and find open positions.

Manage interviews and job applications

Depending on whether you are actively searching, you may have to manage multiple interviews at multiple companies at different stages of the process. Use these tools to stay organized and informed so you can tackle your interviews effortlessly.

Practice makes a master. Before the interview, ensure you know your talking points and how to ask and answer questions succinctly. Improve your presentation skills with the Moderator Coach.

Edge your interview

Congratulations, you’ve landed an interview and are ready to show your potential future employer what you can bring to the table. Read on for interview tips and tricks, whether you’re conducting interviews for the first time or the umpteenth time.

Nail the Skype interview with the help of this infographic template. With tips covering non-verbal skills, technology, physical space, interview completion, and much more, you’ll be prepared to land the job of your dreams.

How to work at Microsoft?

Have you ever wondered how to work at Microsoft? Undoubtedly, this is a concern that many programmers have since it is perhaps the best-known multinational business in technology.

Microsoft was founded by Bill Entrances and Paul Allen in 1975, entering the software and technology equipment sector, and has experienced virtually constant growth ever since. Its headquarters are in Redmond, east of Seattle. However, it has a presence in numerous cities around the world.

General questions about working at Microsoft

As you know, a company the size of Microsoft has various departments and, therefore, many job opportunities, both to work in person and to work at Microsoft remotely. Some areas it can be applied to are:  

  • Software development
  • Technical service
  • Analysis of data
  • Finance
  • Investigation and development
  • Commercial section
  • legal sector
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources

Requirements to work at Microsoft

There are some requirements that, according to our research, a candidate must meet to start working at Microsoft. Let’s see some of them:

1. Pass the interview instances

According to Business Insider, Microsoft has rigorous selection processes that consist of at least four interviews. A candidate’s technical knowledge and soft skills are tested during these instances. In addition, it is verified if the person would fit into the company’s culture.

2. Be well prepared

If you want to know how to enter Microsoft, you should know that being prepared is another fundamental requirement. It is basically about having a good professional profile, an updated CV, and, of course, being very clear about the achievements. In addition, being aware of technological developments is highly valued when entering Microsoft.

3. Make cultural fit

The following essential requirement involves being aligned with Microsoft’s values to fit culturally with the company. This, as we mentioned before, is evaluated during the interview instances. There is even usually a specific interview to measure this.

Some of the values ​​that Microsoft represents, and with which you must align, are innovation, diversity and inclusion, corporate social responsibility, artificial intelligence, and the environment, among others. You can check it on its official website.

4. Have good communication

For Microsoft, it is also crucial that a candidate shows good communication skills. That is to say; ey know how to express themselves adequately and clearly and have storytelling power. In other words, that knows how to sell itself through a good story.

Now that you are clear about the essential requirements, let’s continue learning how to work at Microsoft and what you must do to achieve a professional profile that this company will not want to ignore.

Find out how to work at Microsoft

1. Create a profile that stands out

As we have said, the main thing is to have a world-class professional profile that can stand out from the thousands of candidates who dream of joining Microsoft. In that sense, you have to create a CV and an authentic LinkedIn profile that shows the best of you and highlights your best qualities, especially those that will match the job offer at Microsoft to which you are applying.

Remember that Talently’s recruiting experts can help you with this!

2. Know Microsoft thoroughly

Before submitting your application, you must understand what Microsoft is looking for. To do this, you must research the company, the role, the area you are applying to, and why not? About the people you would work for.

Also, try looking for conferences or talks from influential people in the company. This will help you understand a little more about the vision of the company and be aware of its news, products, and services.

Finally, we recommend you also review the tips for preparing interviews in a visual environment proposed on the company’s official website.

3. Apply without fear

When you feel ready for the challenge, send your CV to the company through the jobs section on its website or job search platforms. Don’t forget to follow up on the application!

If you need a little extra motivation to prepare your profile for companies like Microsoft, learn about the benefits it provides its employees in the next section.

Benefits of working at Microsoft

Although salaries tend to vary from position to position, and depending on the candidate’s experience, location, area, and many other factors, Microsoft is often reputed to be a company that offers good salaries.

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