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Blush Write For Us – Blushing manifests a certain discomfort, but it has no significant effects in most cases. It has been proven that some people find it attractive. However, it could be the visible part of a more severe problem in some cases.

Blushing from a physical point of view

In principle, blushing is explained as a physiological manifestation. The brain and skin are closely interconnected. Many of the phenomena that take place in the mind end up manifesting through the skin. This is due, to a large extent, to the fact that the skin has an infinite number of nerve endings.

Some social situations and emotions lead to increased blood flow to the skin. It happens when we feel shame, regret, guilt, nervousness, anger, or obfuscation. This leads to the colour of the complexion changing. The phenomenon, of course, is more noticeable in people with a lighter skin tone.

Blushing and the social situation

Blushing is much more frequent in social situations, although it can also occur when a person is alone. It often appears in those with a certain degree of shyness and suddenly feel very exposed. Like when someone receives public praise, they are looked at by a large number of people, and this generates nervousness and discomfort as they think the centre of attention.

Other times the blush appears because a person feels embarrassed or ashamed, because it has become evident to others some mistake or shortcoming that they have, or think they have. For some experts, this flush is a physiological state that a person experiences when private information is discovered, or there is a threat of this happening.

When there are problems?

Blushing itself is not a problem. It becomes one when it causes psychological suffering to the person who presents it. In this case, we are no longer talking about temporary embarrassment or nervousness but about anxiety that increases when the appears. In extreme cases, this leads to erythrophobia or an intense or irrational fear of blushing.

If left untreated, this type of problem can lead to isolation or deprivation of social experiences for fear of the reaction of others when blushing occurs. It is a situation that could well be solved through psychotherapy, which allows exploring the meaning of that fear to others.

Is it so terrible to blush?

We’ve all said something stupid or embarrassing, and many of us know it’s worse when we start to feel that sudden heat in our faces and realize that our cheeks are visibly red.

We are so afraid of blushing that once it starts, we enter a vicious cycle: we are more embarrassed and get redder.

The mere fact that we are told that we are blushing like this is not actually enough to induce it, according to researchers.

The same study found that we assume people will judge us negatively if we , but we may be wrong.

cheeks the colour of a rose

Undoubtedly, it is unpleasant, and for an unfortunate few, it can be associated with social anxiety problems.

However, some studies indicate that most of us overestimate its impact.

When we blush, the blood capillaries close to the surface of the skin on the face expand, letting the blood in for all the world to see, whether in shades of pink on fair skin or in a less conspicuous but less conspicuous shade of pink. Often noticeable on darker skin.

That isn’t necessarily a problem: many women buy makeup to mimic the effect, and rosy cheeks have long been considered attractive.

When psychologist Ian Stephen showed a group of people photos of black and white faces on a computer, along with the tools to change their skin tone until it looked perfect, most added redder (1).

The virtuous circle of trust

However, we don’t like to blush that we can’t control it.

Interestingly, this lack of control is also why perhaps we shouldn’t be so afraid of it happening to us.

The act of blushing cannot be faked, making it a tremendous and reliable sign.

If you want to distinguish what someone is feeling, see if their skin colour has changed, as psychologists discovered when they observed people solving the classic “prisoner’s dilemma” test of cooperation.

traitor with a conscience

In the study, people played against a virtual adversary on a computer and could win or lose money instead of going to jail (2).

At first, the virtual opponent cooperated, so both got richer.

But in the second round, the opponent defected and kept all the loot.

The player would then be shown a photo of the supposed opponent and asked if they would trust him in the future.

If the person in the photo was embarrassed, they were likelier to say “yes.” It was assumed that if they were red in the face, they recognized that they had done something wrong, which reduced the chances that they would do it again.


The act of blushing is more than just embarrassment. In part, it’s the feeling of being the centre of attention.

A study asked volunteers to sing out loud while someone was looking at the side of their face.

The blood flow to the skin and the temperature of his cheeks increased appropriately, but only on that side of the face (3).

And, as Ray Crozier of the University of East Anglia, England, found, modesty and shyness can cause embarrassment just as much as embarrassment. If someone brings up a topic that concerns you, you may blush even if you won’t know the centre of attention or are embarrassed in public.

And since I know that I blush, I blush more.

– Effectively. It’s a loop. I know I’m going to blush, and it happens to me. And the fact that I blush increases my vulnerability, shame, and feeling of ridicule.

– Why does it happen to some people and not to others?

– It tends to happen more to emotional, intense people with greater physiological reactivity. People with high social desirability blush when they think they’ve screwed up or when someone in their group of friends criticizes them. The opposite profile is the one who passes everything and doesn’t care what others think. But that profile is a bit psychopathic.

– It is unnecessary to make a fool of yourself for the colours to rise.

– No. It is common, for example, to meet a person you have liked in the past and blush. Why? Because even if you don’t like me anymore, they can’t help but think: ‘how will she see me?’ What is she thinking of me?’. The blush always occurs when I expose myself to the public.

– A conference, exhibiting a job… For some people, they are natural drinks.

– What happens in these cases is that we anticipate situations. You know that you have to give a talk, and it generates such anxiety you go with such a level of tension that, sometimes, that evil thing that you think will happen ends up happening.

– How many children have a terrible time when they are taken to the blackboard?

– The emotional child blushes too. He passes her by even when they say, ‘Say hi to the neighbour.’ It is a way of saying that they do not feel like it, of telling you that you are exposing them to a situation they do not like. Another thing is that the child is like the one in Jaimito’s jokes, and he doesn’t care.

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