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IOT Write For Us – IoT (Internet of Things) is used in different areas of the business field, commercial activities, home and day-to-day life in general. But what makes this technology so special? Well, here we tell you all the characteristics of the Internet of Things that make it essential in our day to day.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things or IoT ( Internet of Things ) refers to the connection between various physical devices or devices with each other, or to connect them to the network. In simpler words, its main purpose is to unite the physical world with the digital one.

With this technology, it seeks to establish connections between IoT devices : mobiles, household appliances, tools, heating systems… With IoT, this is not only possible, it is really simple, and it ensures that these devices are much more efficient by automating their tasks.

Main IoT features

As you can see, IoT is mainly based on the connectivity of physical devices with the help of the internet, as well as the use of other information and communication technologies such as artificial intelligence.

To make all these functions possible, IoT has the following features.


An essential requirement of the IoT infrastructure is that the devices can be connected to the Internet infrastructure. Anyone, anywhere, anytime can ensure connectivity. Without connection, nothing makes sense.

intelligence and identity

Knowledge extraction and analysis from the generated data is key. For example, you may have a sensor that generates data, but that data will only be useful if it is interpreted correctly.

Every IoT device comes with a unique identity. This identification is really useful to track the equipment, and occasionally check its status.


The number of elements connected to the IoT zone is progressively increasing daily. That is why an Internet of Things setup must be able to handle massive expansion. The data generated as a result can be huge, so it must be handled appropriately.

Dynamic and self-adaptive

IoT devices must dynamically adapt seamlessly to changing contexts and scenarios. Suppose a camera intended for surveillance. It must be adaptable to work in different conditions and different light situations (morning, afternoon, night).


There is some risk that users’ personal and confidential data will be revealed when several of their devices are connected to the internet. This can be really serious for the user in question.

That’s why data security is critical to IoT. Furthermore, the equipment involved is also vulnerable, as the networks could also be at risk. Therefore, the safety of the equipment is also essential.

Plataforma Internet of Things (IoT) FIWOO.

Before going into the functional characteristics of the FIWOO Internet of Things (IoT) platform, it is necessary to know why you should integrate it into your business. FIWOO allows you to simplify the sometimes expensive IoT development and will help drive the digital transformation of your industry, city or port.

However, It is backed by a unique technology in the ecosystem such as FIWARE. [is a secure platform that makes use of end-to-end encryption. It is focused on the user, being an intuitive, accessible, and easy-to-use platform. It is interoperable since it follows international standards and norms, as well as a catalog of indicators based on UNE 178202 and UNE-ISO 37120 . And finally, it is a scalable platform thanks to its architecture based on microservices.

Are you staying to discover all the functional features?

FIWOO supports the integration of a wide range of custom devices and instrumentation . On the other hand, communication protocols are not a problem, since it has the ability to connect to multiple networks and supports.

Open Data.

Link, download and publication of open data repositories with different formats. You can access a preview of the content of data repositories directly from the platform and a visualization on maps for data that incorporate coordinates.

Data privacy management .

Personal data and sensitive data management tool with granularity at the service level to facilitate GDPR compliance . Incorporation of new rights of data owners:

  • Limitation of treatment
  • Portability
  • right to be forgotten

The record of data processing activities is also added . With this, the end of the data collected and services to which they are transferred are ensured. And security measures : database encryption, hard disk encryption and encrypted transfers.

Big Data.

Treatment of different types of data and sources . Combination of structured data with multi-structured data in a common model. Creation of static reports, maps, network views, interactive cockpits and data/text mining models. Advanced data visualization for insight discovery .

User management .

As for the user module, you can create as many users as unlimited user groups . An administration of user groups with a hierarchical order is established. It will be necessary to define roles for the administration of user permissions at the service level.

Dashboard management .

This module offers a vast library of editable widgets for real-time data monitoring and operation . In these widgets you will see a representation of historical data and statistics for sets of devices. It also includes maps for the geo-referenced representation of information .

Smart rule management .

Creation of unlimited rules for automatic configuration of actions based on input variables. There are two types of modes for handling complex events:

  • basic mode
  • Expert mode

Finally, you can also schedule operations and send notifications through:

  • sending commands
  • Operations with external services.
  • SMS notifications
  • Email notifications.
  • Publication in RRSS.

Predictive Analytics .

One of the most interesting modules. It offers advanced processing using data mining techniques for prescriptive and predictive purposes . Application of advanced analytics models and algorithms through languages ​​(R, Python or Spark).

Detection of patterns, correlations, events and discoveries of cause-effect situations . Data exploration at different levels of detail and from different perspectives. And interactive simulation of values ​​for evaluation of effects and comparison of scenarios.

Business Intelligence & Performance Management.

OLAP engine for multidimensional analysis of different online data streams and historical data . Definition of metamodels for the visualization of complex data sets from the point of view of business logic.

In addition, FIWOO allows the definition of KPIs, thresholds and business objectives for the creation of interactive dashboards. Programming of automatic monitoring and evaluation of KPIs with sending of alerts if predefined thresholds are exceeded.

What is IoT?

The meaning of IoT could be the grouping and interconnection of devices and objects through a network (either secluded or the Internet, the network of networks), where all of them might be visible and interrelate. Concerning the type of objects or devices, they could be anything, from sensors and mechanical devices to everyday objects such as the refrigerator, footwear or clothing. Anything you can imagine could be connected to the internet and interact without the need for human intervention, therefore the goal is a machine-to-machine communication, or pardon is known as an M2M (machine to machine) interaction or M2M devices.

Why is the IoT fashionable? What apps does it have?

The Internet has evolved rapidly and this has allowed the IoT to become a reality and not just a vision of the future. The fame of this technology lies mainly in all the applications and possibilities that it provides us both to improve both people’s daily lives and business environments, where it has already been implemented for some time.

The applications are almost infinite, but some examples will be described to give visibility to some of them, both in daily life and in the business environment:

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