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Wifi Write For Us – I’m sure you’re also used to hearing the word wifi,, and you’ve even asked for it in the odd bar from time to time, right? Of course, if we ask you now what wifi is and what a wireless wifi connection is for, you may not know how to answer too quickly, but that was before entering this post.

Well, let’s get to the point; the term refers to the wireless connection that allows our electronic devices to have an Internet connection. Tablets, mobiles, and even televisions, every day there are fewer free devices, and we are sure that the number will increase every day; even the oven will have a wifi wireless network. Another clear example is drones, such as DJI brand models, which use wifi to connect the controller to the drone.

How wifi works

As we have already mentioned, the operation of wifi is based on the transmission and reception of radio waves , a type of electromagnetic wave. Something that also happens with radio, television and mobile telephony. However, the difference is in the frequencies used by each of them.

The wifi wireless network is transmitted on the frequencies of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz . These frequencies are higher than those used by mobile phones or TVs. And by being high, it enables the signal to transfer more information. In addition, it uses the 802.11 ac network standards.

In any case, for the wifi to work, a router is required, which is connected to the Internet through a cable, which is the one that distributes the connection to the different devices wirelessly.

So, what is the operating process of a wifi router ?:

  1. The router obtains data from a telephone or cable line that is attached to it.
  2. It transforms digital information into radio waves and these will be transmitted within a certain range.
  3. These signals are located by all those devices that are nearby and that contain a wireless adapter.
  4. This wireless adapter translates data into digital signals and transfers them using an antenna.
  5. The receiving device’s microprocessor interprets these digital signals to enable connection to the Internet.

The wifi connection is bi-directional , so this process also works in reverse. And oddly enough, all these steps happen in just a fraction of a second. All this thanks to the speed of radio waves that travel at the speed of light.

How to connect to a wifi wireless network

Connecting to a wifi network is becoming a common routine for any user who has data on their mobile and does not want to waste any of it. So for this it is as simple as connecting to a wifi wireless network :

  • Open the settings app on your phone
  • Depending on whether the device is Apple or Android , you will find the directly in the first case, while in the second, you will have to access it through the wireless connections and networks section. And from here, select wifi.
  • Activate the wifi option
  • Once you have activated it, you will get a list of networks to which you can connect. When they have a padlock, it means that you need a password to enjoy the connection, while if they do not, they will be public.

Wifi Types

Although all wifi wireless networks may seem the same to us, the reality is somewhat different, here we can also divide the operation of into several types. The types of wifi that we can find will be associated with one of the following terms: range, speed and compatibility . business

Depending on the standard wifi version used in the network is when we will really talk about the different types of wifi available, the main difference lies in speed and frequency. The frequency gives us the radius that the network has (2.4GHz or 5GHz) and the speed of the data that our wifi can transmit.

Types of wifi wireless networks

  • Frequency: 5GHz band
  • Speed: up to 54Mbps
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz band
  • Speed: up to 11Mbps
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz band
  • Speed: up to 54Mbps
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz and 5GHz band
  • Speed: up to 600Mbps
  • Frequency: 5GHz band
  • Speed: up to 1300Mbps

Having wifi at home is one click away

When we connect to a Wi- Fi wireless network, we only have two options: either on a public or open network, which, as we have mentioned before, is not recommended, or you have contracted an internet rate with fiber optics or ADSL.

In case you still do not have a wifi connection in your home or, on the contrary, if you have but want to change company, we have taken the license to give you everything well chewed. If you still doubt whether or not to contract a wifi network for your home, we will provide you with the best options so that you pay as little as possible; yes, having free Wi-Fi is more complicated.

How does wifi technology work?

From a technical standpoint, the IEEE 802.11 standard defines the protocols that enable communication with today’s Wi-Fi-enabled wireless devices, including wireless routers and access points. In addition, wireless access points are compatible with different IEEE standards.

Each standard is a modification that receives approval after a specific time. The standards work with different frequencies, provide different bandwidths, and support other numbers of channels.

What is a wireless access point?

A wireless access point allows wireless plans to attach to the wireless network. Consuming a Cisco wireless network makes it easy to connect new devices and provides flexible support for mobile workers.

The operation of a wireless access point about a network is similar to that of an amplifier about a stereo system. An access point takes the bandwidth coming after a router and extends it so many devices can connect to the network from farther distances. However, a wireless access point is not limited to developing the wifi network. It can also provide valuable data about the devices connected to the network, provide proactive security, and serve many other practical purposes.

What is a wireless router?

Wireless routers are often found in homes. These are the hardware devices that Internet service providers use to connect to your cable or xDSL Internet network.

The wireless router is sometimes called a wireless local area net (WLAN) expedient. A wireless network is also named a wifi network.

A wireless router syndicates the network functions of a router and a wireless access point. Read more about wireless routers.

What is a desktop wifi router?

The most significant common way for users to connect to the Internet wirelessly is through a desktop wireless router. These routers are in the form of small boxes with several short antennas that allow transmitting the signal throughout a home or workplace. The further away a user is from the base wifi router, the weaker the password will be. For this reason, multiple wireless routers, called range extenders, are often distributed throughout the workspace. Wifi range extenders, placed in order to increase or extend Internet coverage.

What is a mobile coverage area?

A mobile hotspot is a common feature of smartphones with wired and wireless connections. When you turn on your phone’s cellular hotspot, you share your wireless network connection with other devices that can access the Internet.

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