What SEO experts do – Because a professional SEO provides measurable results. Good positioning in Google translates into a more significant influx of qualified traffic to your website. In turn, this will help you generate more leads and conversions and directly impact all your business metrics.

  • Because SEO = visibility. Today, if you’re not on Google, you don’t exist. Searching for information online is an important phase of the purchasing process for many users, so you need to be there.
  • Because a good SEO improves your reputation, more or less consciously, users associate that the best brands are those that appear in the top positions on Google. Therefore, working with an SEO expert can help you improve your brand image and online reputation.
  • Because it provides long-term profitability, in general, SEO results are not usually immediate, but they are long-lasting. Ranking at the top of search can take months or even years, but once there, you’ll have a great source of quality traffic with a meager maintenance cost. Investing in SEO is worth it to ensure the future of your brand.
  • Because SEO is one of the pillars of online marketing, within the marketing plan, positioning is an ingredient that cannot be missing. In the end, your website is the only channel you control 100% and the basis of online conversions, so it is essential to get as much performance as possible with good positioning.

SEO expert: in-house, freelance or agency?

  • When hiring an  SEO expert, we must assess different options: hire a person directly in our company, use the services of a freelancer or look for an agency specialized in SEO.
  • It is using a  professional on staff is usually a good option for large companies since it provides maximum control and integration of SEO within the marketing department. However, it necessary to be borne in mind that these are highly sought-after professionals with excellent technical knowledge, so salaries are usually high.
  • We are hiring a  freelance SEO expertise a trendy alternative for small and medium-sized businesses. Nowadays, professionals have all kinds of profiles and experience in different sectors. To achieve good results, it is essential to spend time researching and selecting a professional who fitsll.
  • And finally, we can also value the idea of ​​looking for an agency specialized in SEO or even a  digital marketing agency that integrates SEO with other services such as marketing on social networks or online advertising.

5 keys to success when choosing your SEO expert

1) The positioning of your web page

  • Do you know the saying “in the blacksmith’s house, a wooden knife”? Well, that is precisely what we want to avoid. If someone sells her services as an SEO expert, it makes sense to apply her skills to herself first.
  • Consequently, the first recommendation is to look at the positioning of the SEO expert you want to hire. Keywords like “best SEO expert” are hard to hit for freelancers or small agencies, but at the very least, you should rank for niche keywords like “SEO for bars and restaurants”.

2) The profile of your customers

  • If the SEO expert’s website includes testimonials from their clients, this is usually a good sign. But don’t just look at what they say, but also at what the brand they represents: are they small, medium or large companies? Are they related to your sector?
  • Remember that there are no unique formulas in SEO, so it is essential to work with people who understand what you need and have previous experience in similar projects.

3) The services offered

  • An  SEO professional should offer comprehensive services, which include both the aspects of SEO on-page (optimize your website) and SEO off-page (generate incoming links). Only by combining both factors can a solid and long-term positioning be achieved.
  • Furthermore, SEO professionals do not work in a bubble but are an integral part of the company’s marketing. Therefore, they must know other related disciplines, such as online advertising, programming or web design.

4) What it promises

  • No expert in SEO positioning can promise that you will get the first position in Google, and even less in a short period. Exaggerated promises are a clear alarm signal: either they are selling you a pig in a poke, or they plan to resort to black hat techniques that always result in penalties in the long run.
  • This does not get nasty that you should not expect results: with a well-executed SEO strategy, you will surely improve the positioning of your website. But a professional must always be realistic and admit that there are factors that do not depend entirely on him.

5) How you communicate

  • Before starting a long-term relationship, such as hiring an SEO expert, both parties’ expectations must be very clear. And that includes defining when and how you are going to communicate.
  • A good SEO expert should be available to answer your questions when necessary and be able to clearly explain his work, as well as facilitate regular reports and meetings to report the results. Fluid communication is the basis of trust.