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Skin Write For Us Guest Blog Submission

Skin Write For Us – Of all the structures in the body, the skin is the most versatile of all. It is the only organ that is directly and constantly open to the outside. The skin protects from external agents, from heat and cold, from air and the elements, from bacteria, it is waterproof, it repairs and lubricates itself, it even removes some waste from the body.

Like its relatives hair and nails, it reflects both physical and mental health. The skin can warn of internal diseases with changes in its color or texture, with the appearance of pimples or spots. It provides the sense of touch, it can be rough or delicate, smooth or wrinkled, as needs or age dictate.

Skin Write For Us What is the skin?

Some of the skin data is impressive: Each hand has 17,000 touch receptors and 200 nerve endings per square centimeter. The skin of an average adult covers almost two square meters, weighs just over two and a half kilos, and sheds around thirty pounds of dead cells throughout life.

The skin has a complex structure made up of two different layers: the epidermis and, below it, the dermis.

The epidermis is variable in thickness, from one millimeter on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, where pressure protection is most important, to one-tenth of a millimeter on the face, eyelids, and lips, where precision is needed. and speed of movement.

Why does the color of the skin vary?

The amount and distribution of the dark pigment (melanin) determines skin color, and its variations reflect the body’s adaptation to different environments.

Black skin, for example, helps protect from sunburn. Scandinavians have pale skin to avoid vitamin D deficiencies in an environment where sunlight is reduced. Albinos lack the gene that produces melanin.

Although the skin has an incredible capacity to maintain itself, resisting the sun, the wind, the water and many types of bad practices such as tattoos or excessive hygiene, it is prey to many disorders, infections and diseases.

Six square centimeters can harbor up to six million bacteria. Emotional problems can also cause skin problems.

Skin Write For Us skin problems

People with skin problems account for ten percent of all patients who go to family doctors.

The reasons for consultation are seldom considered “serious”, but they can cause pain or even disability, as well as social and emotional problems.

Skin diseases are often passed down from generation to generation, but the fact that they are hereditary does not mean that they are incurable or that they cannot be treated satisfactorily.

The most frequent skin problems are:

  • viral infections
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • fungal infections
  • Skin cancer
  • Urticaria
  • Alopecia
  • Moles

Diet and skin health

Your skin is the main organ in the body , made up of millions of cells. It is important that you provide him with the nutrients and hydration he needs . If your hydration level is not adequate or you do not have a varied and balanced diet, with a sufficient supply of certain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients such as essential fatty acids, your skin will reflect this .

This will cause a dry, flaky look or you will get pimple rashes. Specifically, vitamins A, C, E, B2 and B3 are important for skin health , so having a varied diet is crucial to keeping skin healthy and functional as these nutrients are found in a variety of foods.

Keep your skin hydrated

About 60% of our body is water , and it is very important for cell and body functions to maintain a balance . That is, the amount of water that we supply must be the same as the amount of water that is lost.

It is recommended that you drink enough water every day so that your urine is light in color. For most people this equates to 1.5-2.0 liters of water per day .

When dehydrated, the skin becomes rough to the touch.And when you stretch it, it doesn’t spring back into shape in the same way as healthy, well-moisturized skin. When it is dry, it is not capable of providing its barrier function, nor of protecting us from various allergens and agents that cause irritation, which is why it becomes inflamed, itchy and presents discomfort .

your skin is dynamic

Being a dynamic organ, which renews itself in periods of approximately 28 days, the skin can take a month to heal or show signs of changes related to its health. This is why it is important to invest the necessary time in checking the look and feel of the skin on a regular basis .

The importance of taking care of the skin

Did you know that the casing is the main organ in our body and one of the most important? We summarize in 5 simple steps how to have it perfect permanently.

The skin protects the entire body and helps to maintain the right temperature, in addition to the fact that thanks to it we can enjoy the sense of touch. Hence, it is so important that we pay attention to this organ and protect it from external aggressions.

How to take care of the skin

Not all skins are the same, so the care that must be given to each skin must be in accordance with its peculiarities . Depending on its type, it will have specific products that are usually included in the following categories:

  • Dry Skin.
  • Oily skin.
  • Mixed skin.
  • Delicate skin.

moisturize the skin

As we have already commented on previous occasions, hydration is extremely important for the skin. On the one hand, the skin must be kept hydrated inside, but also on the outside.

For this you should:

  • Drink two liters of water a day.
  • Apply moisturizing products on the skin.

If you notice that the skin is dry or itchy, it is because it is not sufficiently hydrated.

clean skin

Clean the skin with suitable products that protect its neutral pH . In delicate areas, special attention must be paid to avoid deterioration and to keep it young for longer.

To keep your skin clean, you can also exfoliate once or twice a week to soften it and remove all dead cells. To carry out this treatment, it is recommended that you use a product according to your skin type, that is respectful and does not damage it.

protect from the sun

A sun protection cream should be applied daily, even in winter. The sun is very beneficial for the body, but if the skin is not protected from its rays it can accelerate skin aging, cause burns and the appearance of sun spots.

Protect from other external aggressions

The sun is not the only object that can damage the skin. Tobacco, pollution, stress or poor diet also have a negative effect.

For external aggressions such as pollution, the ideal is to cleanse the skin with a suitable product at night when you get home. This cleaning should be done whether you have put on makeup or not.

one last piece of advice

Do not forget about food . Not leading a healthy life can be reflected in the skin. If you lack nutrients, the skin will look duller and certain imperfections may appear, such as pimples. Try to eat a balanced diet and, of course, you can’t forget about exercise either. The two pillars of a healthy lifestyle are regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet.

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