are seo jobs in demand – Currently, there is a great demand for professionals linked to technology. This becomes evident in the areas of digital marketing where there is especially a greater demand for jobs. Likewise, many professionals wish to improve their salary expectations and the trend indicates that professionals linked to technology are the most in demand. In this sense, this is reflected in the job boards of many portals or specialized sites.

The main objective of every company is to position itself as the first in its field, both physically and digitally. In the same way, this should be reflected in your website, social networks and business structure. To achieve this, expert professionals are required in each field, who with their knowledge give the company the support it needs. That is why each objective requires a specialist, who is often not considered by the company, for the simple fact of not knowing that this professional profile exists.

List of digital marketing jobs

In this article we want to resolve this question and make it clear that the professional profile, its knowledge and functions. In this way, it will be likely to have trained personnel capable of adapting to the digital industry. As a result, this team will help improve the online reputation of the brand in search engines and social networks, thanks to a good marketing plan. Next, we present a list with the twelve jobs in digital marketing and professional careers most requested in the Digital Market.

1. Ecommerce Manager: One of the most requested digital marketing jobs

He is in charge of developing the strategies that best suit the company to generate the process of selling products or services on the company’s website or social platform. The professional must have a great analytical capacity and a lot of creativity , because thanks to this he will be able to organize the necessary tactics to unleash the boom of the electronic commerce of his brand.

The eCommerce Manager could be considered as a director because he has to have a total vision of what is happening. With this you will be able to understand and control the entire e-commerce process and obtain the best possible ROI. In addition, you must know the company in depth to be able to choose the platforms and infrastructures necessary to make a functional e-commerce. Now we will mention the main responsibilities of an eCommerce Manager:

  • Definition of KPIs
  • Metric Tracking
  • CMS Management
  • Management of direct sales campaigns by SEM
  • Realization of emailing or remarketing campaigns
  • Improve conversions in the online store
  • Design and execute a branding strategy
  • Prepare online marketing plan

2. Mobile Business & Marketing: Specialists needed in companies

The experts who work in this area must be able to create competitive campaigns that allow them to develop their business. To do this, it is necessary to comprehend what a user is looking for when browsing on their smartphone and where their gaze is directed. Also, which colors attract your attention the most and which ones are pleasing to your tastes.

Taking into account the previous points, it is more profitable and efficient to be able to develop a strategy with all that information. This is because after an exhaustive analysis of your target audience, you can define the content and structure of the website thinking about its usability. It is essential for the professional to take mobile technology as their main ally , ensuring the harmony of the application design to position it and encourage users to download and install it.

3. Marketing Digital Expert: One of the jobs with the highest demand in digital marketing

The Digital Marketing expert is a professional who encompasses different types of knowledge and applies them together to meet the client’s objectives. Likewise, you must be prepared and have different types of knowledge, such as: Google Analytics, Google Ads , Facebook Ads Manager and Instagram Business. Consequently, a marketing expert fulfills a macro role of the marketing plan and this knowledge will allow him to appropriately delegate to his team all the planned objectives. Likewise, we will mention the main functions of a Digital Marketing Expert.

  • Digital content creation: Coordinate the creation of content for various formats to meet the proposed strategies.
  • Inbound marketing: Contents are used as fundamental elements as a complement to other digital marketing actions and techniques. Likewise, this function occurs in the case the company wishes to implement an inbound marketing project.
  • Branding: Includes all actions aimed at increasing the visibility of the brand in online and offline media. In addition, it seeks to improve its image in front of Internet users.
  • Social Media : It is the management of the company’s social networks and the use that is given to fulfill the content and inbound marketing strategies.
  • Competitor analysis: This function deals with the monitoring of the main actions and strategies of the competition.

4. Community Manager: Among the best-known digital marketing jobs

He is responsible for the content management of social networks and manages the online community , turning them into fans and ensuring customer loyalty with the company. The Community Manager  must be characterized by being creative, empathetic and charismatic, since one of his functions is to present quality content to his followers, which in addition to informing them, entertains them. You are also responsible for taking the following actions.

  • Represent the brand on online platforms
  • Communicate with users who want to interact with the brand
  • Create quality content
  • Know global trends to keep brands up to date
  • Establish metrics and prepare reports
  • Identify the influencers of the industry and manage the relationship with them

5. SEO: Growing demand for job offers in digital marketing

The SEO specialist is a webmaster who seeks to improve the natural positioning of search engines to obtain better traffic and a greater number of visits. When using SEO, the professional must present the user with new, dynamic and original content. The idea of ​​this strategy is that the user looks for the page by the content and not find it by the name of the site.

Likewise, it must generate content progressively, so that the Internet user sees that the page constantly updated. The texts must include hyperlinks so that the public can jump from news to news and read more articles within the website or external sites. That is, it is responsible for providing valuable content to readers in order to catch them.

6. SEM: Specialists needed to boost brands

The SEM expert is in charge of the effective management of sponsored links in search engines. Its main objective is to position the web pages through the payment of advertising. The SEM manager uses the most consulted terms in Google , which will jump as soon as a keyword entered in the search engine. It essential to study well where the ads will placed so as not to harm the company’s budget. In addition, it has different functions which we will mention below.

  • Generate new campaigns hand in hand with the ecommerce team
  • Develop strategies for digital marketing campaigns associated with search engines
  • Create and determine the effectiveness of a keyword
  • Study the data given by various traffic metrics
  • Manage the budget for search engine advertising

7. Market Research Analyst: Among the most necessary specialists in the area

The market research analyst is in charge of preparing a comprehensive analysis of market conditions at a local, regional, national, and international level. In addition, he studies the trends of potential customers, their preferences, traditions and customs. This done in order to raise reports and campaigns based on them.

In this way, a product or service can offered that is more appropriate to the needs of the target. For this, it is also necessary to study the rivalry and understand what benefits our brand can have compared to it in terms of price and quality. On the other hand, having a market research analyst will help to create more specific and optimal marketing strategies.

8. Software Developer: One of the jobs with the highest demand

It is the programmer responsible for developing the architecture of computer systems. In other words, rank them by class, taking into account the technical specifications and constantly correcting errors. Which could presented in the system at any time. That is why its main function is to keep them constantly updated so that they are more interactive.

Likewise, they involved in the process related to the creation and design of new systems. That , they watch from the planning and creation of parameters to the design, writing and code that will used. In addition, Software developers are in charge of encrypting and testing the various programs in order to guarantee their efficiency.

9. Big Data Management: A growing profession

The experts in this area are based on the use of info and communication technologies to integrate a greater amount of data at high speed and in a more secure manner. They are specialists in supervising the various data systems in order to organize, analyze and store information efficiently. In addition, it considered a necessity for specialists to find repetitive patterns in the information, and offer users the storage of large volumes of data with relevant and accurate content. Therefore, its main functions :

  • Guarantee the storage of company information
  • Create data management policies and constantly review them
  • Update company storage software
  • Create protocols for when information needs to shared

10. Growth Hacking: Necessary in any company that wants to grow

Growth Hacking is in charge of guiding the growth of a company . One of the most common cases dealt with by the expert is to make a physical store go digital. To do this, you must analyze where the company wants to go and how much budget it has, since this data is essential to be able to repower it.

In other words, when brands have not well received in the market, growth hacking examines the points against which have prevented them from positioning themselves. As well as what they would like based on user trends and preferences, to then develop an efficient plan. Whose objective is to promote the product or service so that followers consult for it.