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Education Write For Us – The importance of Education for personal and professional growth is evident. Still, when you think about its impact on a nation, its many positive repercussions deserve detailed reflection.

Some of these aspects reaffirming Education’s importance in society will be addressed on this occasion.

Why is Education important?

Individually, why Education is essential is understood based on the fact that it is a fundamental right of all people and the key to building fairer and more equitable societies.

At a global level, Education is considered a factor of production since it allows one to root out many of a nation’s economic problems and serves as a regulatory instrument for social inequalities. Its primary functions are:

  • Improve employability levels in the country.
  • Affirm the values ​​and cultural identity of societies.
  • Diversify the fields of development for the young population.
  • Strengthen democracy and the rule of law.
  • Promote scientific and technological innovation.

Know the four pillars of Education

1. Learning to know

This type of learning is more related to mastering the tools to acquire knowledge than knowledge per se. Nevertheless, it makes it possible for people to understand the world around them, live with dignity, develop their professional potential, and communicate effectively.

2. Learn to do

It is the ability that is transmitted to students to practice the learning acquired in the classroom. But on the other hand, it has to do with how teaching is adapted to the labor market.

3. Learn coexistence

Among the four pillars of Education, this constitutes one of the most critical challenges for society, especially in a time like the present, in which community commitment is required, At the same time, it is necessary to maintain social distance.

4. Learning to be

It has to do with developing holistically. It covers aspects such as the body, mind, intelligence, sensitivity, and personal responsibility. The objective of this learning is that each human develops their critical thinking and judgment through Education.

Importance of Education in society

In Mexico, there is still much to be done in this area. In addition, an estimate made by the World Bank considered that Mexicans lost an average of two years of schooling during the pandemic.

On the other hand, it has been calculated that at least 628,000 young people interrupted their studies, leaving the schooling level below the groups that had been registered in recent years.

But the alarming thing is not the numbers but how the effects that Education has suffered are related to the possibilities of future student population development. In this sense, it is expected that students with less learning will be workers with fewer skills, which may reduce their annual income throughout their working life.

Education is not obtaining academic degrees.

Education doesn’t usually have much to do with getting good grades. School grades usually assess the literal reproduction of unique and previously established answers… in almost all stages of the edcational system: from Early Childhood to university . It also has nothing to do with obtaining academic degrees, postgraduate degrees, or doctorates. Unfortunately, often distances itself from studies. I’m sure we know people with … who don’t have relevant academic degrees.

Bring out the best in everyone.

It may sound romantic and idealistic, but the reality is that Education, on the one hand, is to bring out the best in each person. Still, on the other, it is also an individual responsibility to be able to develop all of one’s possibilities.

Educating is improving oneself, being a better person in all areas, being happier, and being more balanced. I like pedagogy because, contrary to other disciplines, we do not work with disorders or patients; we do not do therapy… those of us who dedicate ourselves to pedagogy educate; we simply help to improve, something that is always possible and with everyone without exception.

relate better

The importance of Education also lies in the fact that it implies learning to relate better, to become more human, more sensitive to others, to take them into account, and to be more empathetic. An educated person treats others delicately, someone with whom you feel comfortable.

Teach to think

But the importance of Education is also that it teaches us to think. Learning to feel implies drawing personal conclusions, forming one’s criteria, being critical, and not letting ourselves be carried away by what “others” want us to feel, by what is “politically correct,” and by what everyone does… Education means opening new alternatives and new perspectives, new paths, new possibilities, look for different solutions…

To educate and think, we need to know, and know but also need some rudimentary tools, such as learning to read, write, and reason.


Finally, the importance of Education is that it makes us more accessible, yes, more complimentary; what a danger! Less dependent, more masters of our destiny…

Are we aware of the importance of Education?

What are our priorities as educators, as mothers and fathers? Are we aware of the importance of Education?

If we knew the importance of Education, we would take this new course differently.

What is Education?

Education is the discipline that deals with the various teaching and learning methods in different educational institutions and social groups, aiming to transmit knowledge, values, skills, beliefs, and habits.

It consists of a process that provides the individual with knowledge, experiences, and skills to train them to lead a whole life and fulfill their desires to the greatest extent possible.

types of Education

The types of Education can be: formal, in officially recognized institutions; non-formal, in academies or institutions, authorized but without official recognition; or informal, which occurs in certain social groups, such as the family, in groups of fans, among others.

The main types of formal Education include:

  • Child education. It consists of the initial Education of children, which is provided by the home, the family, and institutions such as nursery schools and kindergartens.

Why is Education important in the 21st period?

  • Teaching is a fundamental right of all people, and as such, it is included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( Article 26).
  • Education is the most effective mechanism of social mobility: it prevents the vicious circle of poverty from perpetuating, promotes equal opportunities, and reduces social inequality. Of course, for Education to be able to facilitate the achievement of these achievements in the long term, it must be “equitable, inclusive, and of quality,” as indicated by

Schooling, one of the biggest problems of Education

Contrary to what we might think, these arguments are also valid in the 21st century. We live in a world where there are still more than 258 million children out of school (a figure equivalent to more than half the population of the European Union). For this reason, a large part of childhood deprived not only of a fundamental human right but also of the necessary opportunities to get out of poverty and to able to contribute to the construction of fairer and more equitable societies.

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